Are you wondering what the BOOK OF LIFE (BOL) is?

BOL is a common acronym amongst UI students. It is a PDF file that comprises the results of every student in the school. Not that it was named the Book of Life by the school but it was named that by the students. BOL contains the details of every student: matric number, names, their current CGPA, and the number of courses offered and passed so far.

BOL gives and takeslife. This book is just like a Judgement Book, where every students’ academic state in the school is displayed publicly. It tells students if they are still going to be students or not. It comes in different range, that is, you can pass all your courses, you can carry few courses or you get to experience “tsunami or erosion”

In UI, tsunami is defined as, total withdrawal from the school while erosion is defined as, withdrawal from the department or faculty to another department or faculty. Uites look forward to the release of this book and to know their fate or being tsunami-zed or not.

In the early hours of the first day in February, Uites were served a bitter plate of breakfast, in the appearance of the much-dreaded PDF file named BOL. This has left the students in a state of turmoil and lament.

Here, we will be talking about the few shortcomings of the popular “Book of life” .

1. Confidential Information Is Showcased

One of the shortcomings of the BOL is that confidential information is shown to the public. As long as you have the file on your device, you can access every student of the school results without their permission. And this is not supposed to be the case. A lot of students find this irritating and hate BOL for that. It has led exposed the weaknesses of many students who were perceived to be scholars before now and their results state otherwise. It had made them to lose face in the presence of their coursemates which is quite embarrassing.

2. Miscalculation of Results

After the release of the BOL, a lot of students are already saying the courses and GP are not well compiled and some of their results are missing. This is happening because, mistakes are inevitable and also, omission can occur in some cases. And when little omissions like this happen, it tends to affect students. They had to go through the stress of going from one office to another. This adds to the trouble in the minds of several students who cannot deduce properly whether they failed or not, and whether they should jubilate or not.

3. Anxiety

Though this is inevitable, there’s always that uneasiness that comes with results checking. BOL, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate that uneasiness and this can affect the health of an individual. That’s why you see some students all such harm to themselves after checking their results from the BOL.

4. It Promotes Bullying

All students have access to every student results, right? Right! This gives a “bully” an upper hand to mock anyone that is he/she wishes to bully using their results as a weapon. Some students also “whine” using results. All sort of “whining” using results are caused by the release of the BOL

I might have missed some of the shortcomings, let’s hear from you in the comments section. The question is, what other ways do you think BOL does more harm than good?

Co-written with Oluwadamilola Falayi

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