Looking good is the goal of every female students. A popular saying “appearance shows the manner” prompts all students to want to dress responsibly.

I will be particular about UI female students’ way of dressing. Regardless of their different body traits, there are some things every UI female students have in common to look more feminine and feel more like a woman.

These ten ways portray how UI female students dress:

1. Avoid anything too tight

Looking feminine as a student of UI doesn’t mean you should be wearing skin-tight clothing. Bodycon dresses indeed accentuate the curves, but it does not mean that they are the most feminine clothes to wear. However, you must strike a balance and do not go overboard like this

Look classy and wear clothes appropriate for a student. Remember you are going for classes, not to a club. Wear not too tight clothing for a perfect student like this

2. Avoid heavy makeup

I just talked about how important avoiding too tight clothing is, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear heavy makeup. Heavy makeup isn’t necessary to achieve a feminine look. Stick with minimal, natural makeup approach to bring out your natural feature like this.

3. Pantsuit/skirt suit

UI female Students often like to wear either a pantsuit or skirt suit. They wear pantsuits to add an authoritative image to a professional outfit and a feminine image to a professional outfit when they wear a skirt suit.

4. Wear clothes that fit properly

Proper fit clothing is essential to looking feminine. UI female students always avoid loosely fitted clothing, because most of those clothes are shapeless and do not highlight your figure like this

5. Wear shoes or Sandals

Shoes can make or break an outfit; they can also help you look more feminine. As a student go for flat shoes or flat Sandals, not heels. You are not in the school to show us your beautiful heels, keep them for dinner or parties. UI female students wear shoes and Sandals with dresses and skirts, but they can wear shoes or Sandals with jeans or pants to make the otherwise casual outfit look more polished and dress up like this.

6. Tote bags

Instead of carrying school bags, UI female students love to carry tote bags. Tote bags are easy to carry about and they can take in a lot of thing like books, laptop, purses, phones, tablets and makeup kits e.t.c. You will look more feminine when you carry a tote bag like this

7. Hair style

To look more feminine, UI female students love to complete their entire look by styling their hair. For those cutting their hair, they keep things simple and pretty. For those plaiting their hair, they do hairstyles like big loose curls, braids, wave with hair worn down or simple ponytail and headband.

8. Delicate Jewellery

Another thing that complete the overall look is a jewellery. Those small, dainty pieces bring forth a feminine feel to just about anything outfit. Even if you wear something like a T-shirt and jeans, adding a couple of delicate Jewellery shifts the feminine touch like this

9. Bracelets

One of the things that tickle UI female students’ fancy is bracelets. They wear bracelets to beautify their wrists. Some of them will even say that their wrists do feel empty without bracelets.

10. Perfume

The finishing touches to any feminine look is most certainly perfume. UI female students don’t leave the house without wearing it. They mostly use perfume oil, which they rub directly on their wrists, neck, collarbone, e.t.c., to smell nice. Some even go to the extent of adding perfume oil to their bathwater.

What other UI Female Students’ fashion kit do you know?

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