A Lunch Date At Iya Somto

It is 6 am and my phone begins to ring. I woke up to pick up the call and saw the babe I planned a date with was calling to ask if the date she had with me at 12 noon was still on. I struggled to wipe the sleep off my face as I sat up in a bid to keep myself awake. It is evident that she is excited about the date from her voice. I play it cool with my responses. The baritone in my voice was thicker than usual. She loved the voice. That got the frustration of being woken up so early to subside.

Reverse to 5 days before. I met this babe through a friend and just liked the way she was crazy and open to weird things that I was also open to. She was liberal like me. We had a lot in common and shared very similar views about life. It just felt like we were made to meet. We began to vibe, exchanged numbers, and three days in, she suggested that we had to go on a date at Iya Somto’s place the next day. I was a little shocked because it was a very public place that was usually crowded by people that wanted a taste of Iya Somto’s fried rice and jollof rice. It was, however, a truly unusual place to have a lunch date for a liberal like me. Seems she was more liberal than I had imagined.

Iya Somto’s eatery is located in FUOYE’S Ikole campus’ minimart. It accommodates all types of vendors even though the shops are arranged in sections. Iya Somto’s cafeteria is positioned in the heart of the food selling section. She seems to be the only one that sells fried rice and jollof rice with salad. But well, okay! Because she was excited about the date, I got there 10 minutes early to not upset her mood. To my surprise, she was already there sitting and waiting to call me in about 5 minutes, or at least, she told me she was waiting before she would have called me for the third time since the 6 am call.

Fortunately for us but sadly unfortunately for Iya Somto, she was not getting a lot of customers on that day or probably at that time. We ordered our meals and started talking before we got served. It felt like time, and even the whole world stopped around us. We shared silly lover moments, ate, and talked for about two hours which felt like five minutes before customers started flooding in as if to declare the end of our lunch date. The whole time we were on the date, I never for once thought about the location of the cafeteria because the babe got me so engrossed that I had no time to think of anything else than our actual date. Her ability to keep conversations going was top tier. It led to an amazing lunch date.

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