5 Survival Tips For Every Single Pringle On Valentine’s Day

Singles in the house, hello to you. I’m pretty sure, we all have mixed feelings about the coming Valentine’s day. Some people feel they will be oppressed on that day, some wish to see breakfast being served to people that day (don’t be a bad belle, be happy, so it will reach your side) and some don’t care ( like me, set awa whatever wants to happen should happen).

All we are saying is, give us rain and storm

We can all scale through that day without feeling left out because we are going to enjoy the life of our heads that very day. Even without someone to call my love that day, we can still love up ourselves.

Your fellow single is sending you flowers…

1. Hangout with friends

If you are chanced to have single friends, you can plan a day hangout with them. You all will go all out and make yourself happy. Go to places that will fill you with joy, restaurants, swimming pool, lounge, bar, amusement parks. While on the hangout, do away with your phones, have conversations; deep, productive, funny, educative. Just converse. Dress up like you are going for a party. And if you are lucky to have clowns as friends, you won’t even know when the day will be over.

You fie enjoy your day like this now, reason am comrade…

P. S. Make fun of people, funny looking couples, just make sure they don’t see you, I’m not there if they whip you cord ooooo.

2. Plan a hangout for you and yourself

Cheers to an amazing day as a single

Possibly, you don’t have single friends to hang out with. Dress up, wear makeup. If you are a guy, dress well, match your clothes well. For both genders, wear nice smelling perfume that will make people want to know who is entering the place. (the goal is to make heads turn at the king or queen that is making an appearance). We can’t say somebody’s child can find you that day.😉

3. Binge-watch

Imagine your fine self sitting pretty while binge-watching.

You might not want to go out because you feel you will still be intimidated. So stay at home and binge-watch. Download your favourite movies, lay in your bed with your favourite snacks and junks. Eat lots of popcorn. Watch movies, see skits that will make you laugh so hard all day.

Play around with your snacks

4. Make yourself happy

You can be like this brother.. forget.. you can do better

Do things that make you happy— Listen to music, love songs, hip-hop, K-pop, RnB, Blues, soulful songs but not a breakup song, please.(don’t be a joy killer) .Your happiness is paramount this very day. Avoid anything that can make you feel down. Stay away from bad energy. Don’t give way for sadness. Buy yourself gifts. “The oppression can always be vice-versa”. Read romantic messages. Love up yourself. Admire yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself sweet nothings.

Do things that make you happy

5. Sleep

Sleep like a baby or…

“Sleep is therapeutic”. You can always sleep the day away if you don’t to be stressed. Sleep your time away while imagining yourself in a very positive way. Hug your pillow, wrap yourself in a duvet and sleep while anticipating for the better.

… sleep like a (complete it yourself)
Enjoy the sunlight.. feel the warmth…

Go out, enjoy the sunlight, feel the warmth on your skin, embrace yourself, eat food that makes you happy, eat your junk happily, be giddy, smile widely, drink lots of water and make jest of funny-looking people wandering around with their loved ones. Make yourself happy. Remember, nobody can make you happy if you don’t want to.

Drink water and laugh out happily.

Cheers to a fun-filled Valentine’s day, dear singles.

So, I heard that you want to leave the singles’ club?
Okay, bye.

And to those of you, that will find somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son will find you, write a 500 words letter, explaining why you are leaving the singles’ club. Thanks. (upcoming betrayals.)

See them, upcoming betrayals 🙄
I won’t say anything but you might come back