In life, we come across many things that tends to affect our decision making process. It may be willingly or unwillingly. These unforeseen circumstances might have been affecting you as a student. It might make brought your CGPA down and you are looking for ways to revive it. Fear no more, I am here for you.

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I will be sharing some tips with you on how to revive your grades. It’s not too early nor is it too late to get your desired results and you need is hard work, commitment and determination. With these three values in place, the sky is your starting point.


Are you a finalist who is thinking that there’s no way to get a first class degree anymore? Dead that thought, yes, shoot that thought with an AK47. Erase it from your mind. If you are determined, then, you can do it.

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If you are a fresher and you are thinking, it’s too early to start worrying about my CGPA, you are wrong. It’s never too early to chase your desires. If you desire to graduate as a first class student, start now. Same goes to stallites in the house.

Here are some tips for you:

1) Know what works for you

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It could be reading during the day… Or alone at night

Don’t follow your friend’s step just because your when your friend reads at that night, it works for him/her. Discover yourself. Study yourself.

2)Know what helps you assimilate

Putting one book on your head and reading another can be your way of assimilating 😂

If possible, read whatever was taught to you at the end of each day. It might not be easy but go through your notes, recordings and handouts. This helps you to be familiar with your notes. (This works for me, it’s not a myth but I see my notes when I need to answer a question. This happens only because the book has one way found itself stored in my brain.)

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3) Rest when necessary

I can’t kill myself ooo

If you have read for a long time and you feel you aren’t assimilating. Stand up, don’t force yourself. You could take a nap or do something fun but… Don’t be carried away. Remember you have a mission.

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4) Teach people

Teach your friends. Teach your coursemates. Do a tutorial. Just do something that has to do with you teaching lessons to people but let it be in line of what you are studying. Facts have shown that, we tend to remember what we teach to people.

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5) Ask questions

If you are unclear about a topic. Ask the right people. Make sure you consult more than one source, use various sources until you become extra clear.

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Getting good grades is not only by talks, you have to put your talks into actions. Start acting toward whatever grade you want to graduate with. It might look hard but you need to stay committed to the course. Have it at the back of your mind that you are on a mission… ” Graduate with good grades or graduate with good grades.”

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