5 Exciting Things That Made Us Happy As Kids

Back then, some lines brought hoooge smiles to our faces once we hear them. (good old days). Back in those days, we really were happy, anything made us happy because life was quite easy then compared to now.

1)Koronu (local ice-cream)

This ice cream is always carried about in a cooler and the ice cream cones in a sack. At the sound of the music that the hawker carries about, some children turn to their parents, immediately hoping they would be given money to get the supposed ice cream. Some kids would save their pocket money to buy “koronu” after closing hours.

2) End of the session party

This season always brought joy to our hearts. Prior to the party, many rehearsals that we would look forward to taking place. This party is also known as prize-giving day. We would be seen wearing hoooge smiles on our faces because finally, we get to enjoy our long deserved break.

3) Go and wear your shoes

This sentence always gave us some kind of unexplainable joy. Once, we see a parent going out, we’d rushed after them screaming or crying. But the moment, we hear go and wear your shoes. The tears would stop miraculously and we will run blindly to look for our so-called shoes.

4) Cultural dance

This is one of the activities that is always included at the end of the session party. We were always excited to be part of the dance team that we will put so much effort in there to avoid being removed. Some kids would pressure their parents to get them “aso-oke” or native wears which is the common attire for the dance.

5) Go and bring broom

‘Go and bring a broom, let’s measure your leg’ Can you relate to this? This is always happening during any festive period. Our parents would use a broom to measure our legs to know what size to buy for us. At the release of those strings of words, we already know that we are getting new shoes.

What other words excited you as kids? What other activities made us giddy back then? Drop them in the comments section, let’s relate.