5 Ways To Make Our Lazy Days Productive

There are days we just don’t feel good. These days, all we want to do is just lay in bed and do nothing. To move an arm during these days would seem like a gruelling task. If you experience these days, don’t panic, you are fine. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just a lazy day.

I’m here with some help to scale through lazy days and make it effective just like every normal day.

1. Breathe

The moment you realize it’s your lazy day, be calm and breathe slowly. Don’t fret. Decide to make the day effective even if it’s your lazy day. For example, this article was written on my lazy day. I woke up with the decision to write an article that day. A few hours into the day, I couldn’t even come up with anything tangible. My head was blank like a tabula raza, I realized later it was my lazy day. All I did was, stay calm and breathe slowly and before I knew it ideas started flowing in. And yes, here we are, with an article successfully written on a lazy day.

2. Know what calms you

We all have different techniques for staying calm. It might be taking a walk or going for a run, jogging or swimming. Once, we’ve figured out what calms us, go for it.

3. Reading

If you don’t want to move a nerve, you can settle down for reading. Whatever book you chose, make sure it’s not a boring book, you might sleep off. As you read, you might get motivated to do what you had set to do that day. You would also learn in the process of reading.

4. Time-blocks

Your lazy day might be the day you have a lot to do. All you have to do is make your work time-framed. Set deadlines. Don’t give in to procrastination. Check out our tips to help you with this.

5. Ask for help

Not everyone will be able to get through lazy days alone, if you are on this train, talk to someone that can help you and be sure to stay accountable to your peers. If you set a deadline for a goal, tell such a person to check up on you so, you will be able to stay on track.

We are not machines and sometimes our body deserves to rest, so it might come in form of lazy days. Let’s make sure to rest to avoid excessive rest. Remember to treat yourself kindly to minimize your lazy days. All the best.