How To Pull Pranks On Your Friends

Watching movies is one of the fun ways to bond with your friends, you think? “Abeg, abeg!” Aren’t you tired of staring at one particular screen for hours and watching different versions of the same plots? Hold on tight on I take you on a wondrous journey to discovering new ways to have fun-filled adventures with your ride or die.

CardBoard Prank

You’d properly heard of this before or seen it in a Hollywood high school movie as I did. If you’re the writing type, you can simply write some words like, “call me crazy” or “I’m stupid” on a piece of d cardboard and paste it on your friends’ back preferable when he or she is sleeping. It’ll be fun to watch the rest of the world laughing at your bestie when he or she is totally clueless about what’s going on. However, you must ensure any friend you try this with isn’t someone who takes things too seriously and be ready for a

Carry water Prank

Growing up, you must have sung “one boy carry water, he no know” or “one girl carry water, she no know” with your playmates. A carry water prank mostly entails putting a piece of leaves on your friend’s hair without letting them know until you finish the song, remember? Since it’s been a while, your friend will most likely not easily grab the song but once they do, they won’t stop laughing. It’s a good way to reminisce about the good old days! 

Dye Prank

I’ll be extremely angry if a friend decides to try the prank on me but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying it on your friend..*evil grin*. During a girls’ night out, get a pack of black dye and another colour like red after informing your friend that you should try out dying. When your friend is not looking, replace the black dye with a red dye and apply the mixture to your friends’ hair. Whatever happens, you don’t kuku know the way to my house😜

Moustache Prank

For a friend that sleeps like there’s no tomorrow, a moustache prank is the best way to deal with that kind of person, especially a girl. While that pretty damsel is busy exploring La La Land with her charming prince, kindly draw a moustache on her face gently and pretend like nothing happens until she gets the opportunity to look into a mirror and freak out. However, be careful not to use a permanent marker for this because I don’t have the strength to settle any fight. 

Wet Paint Prank

If you have a piece of furniture that has just been painted, you can convince your friend to sit on it if they’re clueless about the painting aspect. But for this type of prank, it’s better to do it when they’re in casual wear. Your friend may never forgive you if you trick them into ruining an expensive piece of cloth. Not a Gucci top worth thousands of naira!

Call Prank

Call Pranks is perhaps one of the oldest pranks and it has different styles. For instance, you could call a friend sounding like their lover, to inform them that you’re no longer interested in the relationship. You could also call to inform them you’ve been involved in a car accident or you’ve been abducted. You can make the drama more fun by giving them a location to come pay your ransom money at a stipulated time. 

Picture Prank

Another interesting way to freak out your friend is to take a funny picture of them and make it appear as you’ve posted on your social media accounts. Your friends wouldn’t hesitate to do anything to ensure you take that picture down. The best time to take that kind of picture is either when they’re asleep, extremely tired or just waking up. 

Pest Prank

Relax, despite being called a pest prank, this doesn’t require you to get a live insect to scare your friends. You can get a dead insect or create a fake one to bring out the fear in your friend by putting it in their bag or lunch box. However, if your friend has a great phobia for insects, which could lead to a heart attack, go for something else. The way we handle situations differs. Ani daran oo!

Video Prank

With a video prank, you can also bring out the worse reactions in your friends. Similar to picture pranks, this is best done either when they’re sleeping or doing something silly like eating weirdly. For this kind of video, informing them is no fun so you must ensure they don’t know you’re making the video until you’re through with it. 

Now, it’s time to go into the world and prosper in pulling pranks. If you have other amazing prank ideas or experiences, I’m awaiting your gist in the comment section!😘

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