Reasons Why You Should Study At University of Ibadan

International Conference Centre, UI

You must have been hearing it, UI has been on top since the year it was founded. It can only be UI. The premier University, founded in 1948. Have you been eyeing the school and have been looking for reasons to study there?
Here are the reasons why you should study at UI

1. Academically, the best!

When you see UI topping chart, it’s not by mouth. They are indeed the best. UI has the best of lecturers, a well-equipped library and other learning aids that help both students and teachers.

2. Talk about transparency, UI comes first!

When it comes to admitting students, UI will sieve out the best. The admission is competitive, the bar is always raised. In every academic year, only the qualified are offered admission. The same thing with the result, you get what you write, you can’t bribe your way in. Everything is done perfectly.

3. Talk about the best form of teaching

In UI, You get to be guided by experts in the field. The first and the best is not just by mouth, everything you need to know about your course of study is being taught. You are brought up in the right way.

4. Relaxation Centers, UI stands out!

Apart from the stress of studying, you can ease your mind by relaxing, you can visit exciting places both in the school and around Ibadan city. You can visit the popular zoo, Awba Dam, botanical garden and other places

5. UI is situated In the largest city in West Africa

UI is situated in one of the best states in Nigeria, the largest in West Africa, Ibadan, Oyo State. Apart from schooling, you get to see the beautiful city of Ibadan. The beautiful view of Alaafin Palace, the popular Coco House, and other archaic and iconic places in the city!

Are you considering coming to the first and the best school? The reasons above will make you realise that you’ve made the best decision.