We all know that managing and caring for one’s natural hair can be very difficult and that is why many ladies later result to using relaxers. If however, you have chosen to maintain your natural hair but still find it a very difficult task, I’m here to tell you that it need not be! With these 10 must-have tools in your kit bag, you’re about to have a smooth ride on your hair journey. What are these essentials then?

1. Spray Bottle

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Girl, you need a spray bottle! Especially if you’re trying to detangle your hair and you’ve got hard hair, you absolutely NEED a spray bottle to give it moisture, make it softer and easier to work with. The great thing about spray bottles is that they’re not expensive and are easily accessible too.

2. Detangling Brush

While you’re working with the effect of your spray bottle, you’ll also need a detangling brush as well. These brushes can cut the number of hours you would normally invest in washday in half. I’m telling you. But while you’re purchasing a detangling brush, ensure the one you get isn’t too hard on your hair and scalp.

3. Sectioning clips

Anyone who keeps natural hair knows working with your hair in sections helps to get the job of styling done easier and faster and so having sectioning clips is essential. They can also be used in the shower for those who wash their hair in sections. These sectioning clips usually come in a multi-pack, with about 6-12 clips in it.

4. Elastic bands

Elastic bands are also a very essential part of any hair collection. You can use them to stretch your hair, to style your hair into ponytails. Oftentimes, you can also use them as a substitute for sectioning clips to hold down your hair while styling. Just like with the case of our regular old ‘rubber band’, we tend to misplace these elastic bands all too soon! Thankfully, they don’t cost a lot. Be sure you get plenty of them so you’re never wanting one when you need it badly!

5. Satin Scarf/ Bonnet

Every natural girl needs a satin scarf or bonnet to sleep with at night to help protect their hair and preserve those styles. It helps to keep the moisture locked in and also avoid hair breakage.

6. Shampoo

Yes, regular old shampoo is on this list and no, it is not getting any less emphasis than the other items stated earlier.
Please don’t be one of those girls who do not know how important it is to keep their natural hair clean and keep it smelling good too! Get you a good shampoo with a good fragrance that suits your hair type best. 7. Deep conditioner

7. Deep conditioner

After washing your hair, the hair is less oily and drier. Therefore, deep conditioning your hair after is very important because your hair will be quite dry and brittle. Deep conditioners help to restore and retain moisture while also repairing damaged hair.

8. Essential oils

Well, essential oils are… essential! You need these oils to help to seal in the moisture added to your hair. They also help to add shine and lustre to your hair and prevent it from looking dull. Some of these oils include castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, almond oil or avocado oil, etc.

9. Leave-in conditioner

If you’re a natural hair girl who loves to style her hair and flaunt her curls now and then, then a Leave-in conditioner is essentially essential for you! Not only does it help to detangle your curls and still leave them appearing nicely and together, but it also locks in the moisture in your hair.

10. Edge control or gel


These days, every girl has their hair styled with their edges well laid. As a natural hair girl with bristle afro hair that just doesn’t want to be told where to go and where not to, edge control is exactly what you need to style your edges to perfection. The name says it already, EDGE CONTROL: it controls the stubborn hair on your edges! You want to be careful with just how much gel you apply on your edges though. And ensure your styling brush is soft on the scalp too.