Things You Should Not be Doing in a Relationship

Everyone is dating these days and not learning how to do it right is just like using a machine without its manual. To be fair, we all do that though. But this is a matter of the heart and you want to ensure you’re doing it right. And so, I’ve decided to pull up with the ultimate don’ts of every relationship to avoid or at least slow down the process of breakfast.

1. Don’t cheat

I’m very sure Yoruba guys left this group chat already.
You would think it would go without saying that you shouldn’t cheat on your partner, but in this part of the world, it’s something we have to repeat continually. And as much as we want to tag all the feminists on this, it’s not even a gender thing. Ladies do it as well, they are just low-key. I guess guys are too, but ladies are… Well, it’s not a good thing so let’s not give credit to anyone!
Cheating on someone is just a sign that you have no respect for them at all. And you don’t have to do dirty things with someone before you cheat on your partner. It can be you just saying dirty things, or thinking them. And once this trust is broken emotionally or physically, it is usually rare or impossible to recover the bond you once shared.

2. Don’t make them your whole life

Many people get into a relationship and lose themselves. I understand that you would have to compromise in some situations that could lead to mild or major arguments, but at the expense of your values, your morals? You must never let that happen. Be aware of what you like and dislike and stick with them. Also, make sure your life doesn’t completely revolve around theirs. Have moments when you guys go out and be with each other, but still create time to hang out with friends and family.

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3. Don’t fight to win against your partner

To have a healthy relationship, it is important that you don’t bottle up your feelings, and then later them all out at once. In her book Dating Intelligently, one of the best books I’ve read on relationships, Laju Iren talks about how trying to win an argument with your partner is like scoring a home goal. It’s never really a win! It’s a terrible thing if you’re always so bent on winning an argument with your partner, just to prove a point! Learn how to communicate and resolve misunderstandings without verbal abuse. You should work more on your personal development

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4. Don’t stop making efforts in your relationship

Remember those little things you did that made her say yes to you in the first place? While she must have seen other qualities she loved in you, those little actions must have contributed to her saying yes to you. Many people put in so much effort to make someone fall in love with them but don’t know that you also need the same amount of effort to stay in love with each other.

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You shouldn’t stop making those little gestures you made when you first started dating. Avoid making your relationship monotonous. Be creative with your dates. Try out new and different settings when you go out, or new food. Keep working on yourselves and remain sensitive to your partner’s needs in the relationship.

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5. Don’t compare your partner to others

This often comes up when one has been with previous partners or had prospective ones that they didn’t eventually follow through with. No two people are the same. From their physical appearance to how they are on the inside, people are very different and so you must not compare them together. Rather what you should do is appreciate them and their strengths and lovingly help them work on their weaknesses.

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Call them out kindly on things you’re not okay with and discuss this with them. It also helps if you understood that they probably don’t like some things that you do either, but they love you anyway!

I hope this was a good read for you and you learnt something as well. Go ahead and share with your partner or a friend you know needs it!