Shocking Times DJ YK Released M*d Beats

When you hear “DJ Yk mule” you know it’s about to go down. The only DJ tag that makes everyone carry their feets, it can only be “DJ Yk mule!!”

Knowing Nigeria is a country that can trend anything, it is only in Nigeria some randoms beat or sound scan trend. DJ Yk most times get his inspiration from leaked voice notes, a random statement that is funny, then, boom! Beat is ready!

Let take a ride to where the cruise beat start gaining attention…

1. Trap Lan je

You all remember that “trap Lan je” video,  I think that was where it all started. We were all vibing to that.
See it here👇

The beat facilitated that “trap Lan je” thread in November.

2. Are you mad or something?!

Then we experienced a new trend when Zaazu dropped, when the Zazzu crooner (Portable) made that “are you mad or something” statement. Before we know it DJ Yk tun ti mule with “Are you mad or something” beat.
December 2021 was a month to remember. DJ Yk made everyone forget their sorrow and got everybody lit with his cruise beat.

3. Mase transfer cruise beat

Before that, we also had “mase transfer” cruise beat. Which made everyone Kala and Daju.
This trend inspired Olamide’s verse on Zazzu.

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4. Warisi and polytechnic

Fast forward to 2022, we had the popular “Warisi” and “polytechnic” cruise beat, the former took the whole country by storm. At the play of warisi, the Michael Jackson in you will stand up


  5. You are not my spec cruise beat

Not forgetting the “you are black, you are short, you are not even in a good department” beat
I must say, YK is one national treasure that should be protected at all cost.

I think it’s high time we start forwarding those funny VN to YK for proper mixing. As for me, Warisi cruise beat is my favourite from him. Do you have a favourite too?