Childhood Songs That Sound Better In The Versions We Remixed

As a Nigerian kid, it is almost in the constitution that you must have murdered some words, sayings and songs except you attended some high-grade private school that doesn’t promote fun – how boring.
The misuse of words and coming up with our lyrics for songs was one of the few highlights of our childhood as Nigerian children.

1. Sandalili

” sandalili, sandalili” rings a bell. Omo , this song suffered from almost every Nigerian kid. To think, we used to proudly murder the song back then when we were kids only for us to grow up and realize it was “standard living”. Funny how some primary school teachers that taught us did not even know the right word.

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2. Wherever you go

Wherever you go…gogogongo
Wherever you be…sisi eko
Do not say yes, when you mean to say no…baba Ibadan
This marching song would never sound nice to our ears if we don’t add all our ajasas.

3. After ranwan

This is the name of a game, “After round one” but for some reasons known to us alone we decided to call it “after ranwan.”

4. Osingo singo

Whoever invented this version is a master and they deserve some “akolades” because how can you mislead us from “oh sing my soul and praise the Lord” to “osingo singo praise the Lord”.

5. Jangilova epo motor

To think I only knew that correct version of this song when I entered University. I’ve been shouting “Jangilova epo motor” for ages when the correct one is “jingle over like a motor”.

6. The national anthem

Arise o compassion (fagolo mu garri)
Nigeria skull obey
Dusa awa father’s land. Give it up for Nigeria kids to always remix songs even the national anthem wasn’t left out.

7. The Lord’s prayer

“our father look at in heaven, adobi thy name”
Really though, how did we get here? The Lord’s prayer sef wasn’t left out of the remix.

8. Nursery rhymes

I) Hippopotamus

H .i. p mother hip.. mother hipopo…
P . O. P. O mother hipopo an tm tm mother hepopotemous…Hepopotemos

II) Black sheep shuu
Have you any who?
Yes sir, yes sir
Three back who

III) Little star

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what yu aah
Uhn above de yon yo ah
Like ur father in the pot…

Songs that suffer most are the nursery rhymes.

Am I the only one but I feel the correct versions are boring?
We had so much fun murdering English mhen. Those were simpler times.

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Written with: Temidayo Olabiwonninu