Some English spellings and pronunciations that give headache

Have you ever sat down and wondered why those that created the lexicon of English are so cruel? They are pure sadists because how can you sit down, put some words together, then give us pronunciations that are just not it. Like, really? If it’s not wickedness, I don’t know what else to call it.

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1. Queue

Till next tomorrow, I don’t think I can comprehend the cruelty this spelling is. The word is pronounced as “Q” please help me and ask those people, the work that the “ueue” is doing there because I don’t understand. They are just allowing us to waste efforts while writing. (wails mentally)

2. Lingerie

Don’t even get me started on this, I can’t even pronounce this word correctly till this moment (facepalms). They gave us a different spelling and very different pronunciation, what have we done to deserve this?

3. Colonel

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On this one, (mi o ni so nkankan), I won’t say anything but… How can they put “lo” when it’s not even needed. We pronounce it as “konel”, so what’s the essence of the “lo”? Arrant nonsense.

4. Knowledge

These people are cruel, nothing else. Why is it that “know” is pronounced differently but when it’s added to “ledge” it becomes practically useless? The pronunciation of this word nearly shamed me in class when I was in junior school but because I serve a living God (alleluia), I wasn’t shamed.

5. Wednesday

Another great example of waste of ink and space. I can remember the days I pronounce this word as ” Wednesday” instead of ” Wenzday”. But, do they really have to put us through all this unnecessary stress, why not just give us a spelling that justifies pronunciations.

6. Words with silent letters at the end

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Tell me about how when I learned that the “b” in climb, comb, dumb, thumb and the likes is useless. Forghusake, why must I go through the stress of adding the letter “b” when it’s not useful?

7. Words with preceding silent letters

I still will not understand why we have to go through unnecessary stress when the stress can always be uprooted. They give us words with gn, kn, wr , ph ; then they go, “a part of it is silent”. Please, why is it added when it’s not needed?

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Folks, don’t you think we need to sue the people in charge of pronunciations and spellings for this show of brutality and cruelty?
What other pronunciations can you think of? Why don’t you drop them in the comments box, let’s relate?

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