Trybe Picks: Top 10 Upcoming Artistes At FUOYE (Ikole)

Did you know that FAGEnSAGE, the biggest Ekiti campus awards event is dominated by the students of the federal university of Oye Ekiti? With the likes of FUOYE’s freshest graduate and multiple award winning artist, Joemania, charting the waters and setting the standard for upcoming artists.

Even though FUOYE is located in the ‘village’ areas of Ekiti, we hold so much authority in the state’s campus talents in terms of entertainment just like Nigeria holds so much authority in the musical scene of Africa.

In no particular order, I will be sharing with you, Ten (10) upcoming artists in FUOYE, Ikole that you absolutely need to check out in 2022.

Samuel Deslot:

Samuel Deslot’s incoming EP🔥

Babalola Samuel Boluwatife, born on the 3rd of July, is popularly known as Samuel Deslot. He’s a mechatronics engineering student and an Afropop singer that shook the whole of Fuoye with his hit song, ‘Sunita’ and became known as the Sunita crooner in 2021. He started his career in 2017 but not all is rosy in this story as he lost his mum to sickness in 2018 after losing his dad to a car accident in 2006. The Kwara born wonder boy who has been sighted with Martinsfeelz has started 2022 with an even bigger hit song titled ‘Thanksft S2DK. Thanks is a catchy and groovy afro song that glorifies God. Samuel Deslot has also announced that he will be releasing his debut EP, “Good Bad Dayz” this year and promises his fans some exciting features. Deslot bagged the song of the year and artist of the year award at the NAMTES awards event and even got the Best new artist award at the FAGEnSAGE awards event coupled with a number of other nominations. Samuel Deslot is managed by Victor Links and is under God’s plan record label.

Instagram: samueldeslot

Find Samuel Deslot’s discography here.

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Dayz II:

King Dayz verses🍭

Temidayo Olabiwonninu, born on the 30th of November is popularly known as Dayz ii (Dayz Two). He’s also a Mechatronics engineering student and is, in the simplest term, a showman. An all-round entertainer, Dayz II is a miracle performing on stage. No surprise there as his earliest influences were Michael Jackson and Fela Kuti. Dayz II is not restricted by any one genre but identifies as an afro rapper/singer. Dayz II’s debut EP which feels like a genre medley was released on the 9th of April in 2021 and is titled, “Genesis Of Dayz.” The EP is full of musical gems like, “Another day” and the beautiful soulful, “Soul” that have successfully taken his craft across the borders of not just Ekiti or Nigeria, but across the borders of Africa. He promises to keep releasing beautiful songs that’ll continue to be worthy of the love chiefs (His fan base name) have for him and his craft. Dayz ii bagged the next rated artist award at NAMTES and the best dancer award at FAGEnSAGE amongst many other nominations. Dayz II is an independent artist and is managed by Lollipop (FAGEnSAGE producer of the year).

Instagram: Lolly_dayz_ii
Twitter: kinglollydayz

Find Dayz II’s discography here.

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DESH !!🔥

Adeshola Ogunleye, who is popularly known as DESHOLAR is a talented independent hip-pop rapper/singer/lyricist who enjoys experimenting with his sound and genre range. The Covid 19 lockdown seems to be what gave him the push he needed as he started creating music in 2020. With melodious songs like his debut single, Ade ft Dunni and the well-received uptempo ‘Huzzle Riddim’ to his name, DESHOLAR has made it his priority to make his music as real as real can be. He makes real music about real things. His influences include Kanye West and Daramola. DESHOLAR has hinted that he has a new music project on the way but has not given any more details. He, however, said he is taking his time and wants it to be very special. Desholar is an independent artist who is also managed by Lollipop (FAGEnSAGE producer of the year).

Instagram: itsdesholar
Twitter: itsdesholar

Find Desholar’s discography here.

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Obe Olasukanmi Moses is popularly known as S2DK and is one hardcore talented rapper with dexterous flows. He has the lyrical cadence of a foreign artist and this lets him stand out amongst other Ikole artists. He is gifted with lyrics that are sure to get to you in any way he has intended them to. He’s one of the most sort after Ikole act in the FUOYE’s musical industry. Everybody wants to work with him. He is an Ondo state award-winning artiste who never fails to deliver on the assignments he is given.

Instagram: iam_s2dk

Find S2DK’s discography here.

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Makaskurabami !!🥶

Alieme Augustine, who was born on the 14th of November, is popularly known as Vintage. He is a super talented Indigenous Yoruba rapper who is blessed with relatable and clever lyrics. Effortlessly dropping punch lines is no problem for this bad boy. With songs like Kini Prosperity, Fesvintage bar, and dream chaser, The Agric and bioresources engineering student has left a mark on the FUOYE’s entertainment front with his top tier indigenous rap music. Vintage also makes freestyle rap music look too easy with the way he effortlessly drops acapella verses when he performs on stage.

Instagram: Vintaqe_bar

Find Vintage’s discography here.

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Dr Acapella:

The Acapella Doctor ⚕️

Fatade Elisha is popularly known as Dr Acapella and was born on the 16th of May. The Ekiti born multi-talented music guru is a master of a range of instruments like the Piano, guitar, and the violin. The name Dr Acapella is a name he earned by the way. I mean, who do you know that can make his own beats and instrumentals with his vocals. The mechatronics student is also a producer and runs an online worship sesseion popularly known as Dr. Acapella Worship sessions. Dr Acapela is a gospel artist who by the grace of God, has been recognized by Minister GUC and has won online contests like the Egbega contest that was organized by Omalara, the foreign Yoruba artist, and the You found me contest organized by Dr TJ.

Instagram: fatade_elisha

Find Dr. Acapella’s discography here.

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Ardent Zaddy:


Adefila Martins Damilola, who is popularly known as Ardent Zaddy is one of many upcoming artists in Ikole that stand out. He is an afrobeats artist who is influenced by the likes of King Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, 2baba, amongst many others. He sees his music as a weapon to communicate love, preach, and teach. He hopes to be able to inspire love and happiness into his fans and lovers of his craft. His song, Omo mummy, had ladies vibing and twerking to his songs just the way they would to an Olamide song.

Instagram: Ardentzaddy

Find Ardent Zaddy’s discography here.

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Bobby G:


Samuel, popularly known as Bobby G, is a rapper, a singer, and a producer. His genre is a genre smoothie to say the least with the way he delivers on various genres. His music expresses life and God’s faithfulness. He loves making music and linking up with artists like himself for beautiful collaborations.

Instagram: Bobbyg574

Find Bobby G’s discography here.

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Rhic law:


Rhic law is a hardcore trap rapper whose cadence resembles that of the OGs of trap music. Rhic law has successful songs like Juice doing well for him on streaming platforms, especially Spotify. Rhic law has also hinted that he might be dropping an album this year. Rhic is calm, cool, and collected. His lyricism is worthy of praise. He makes most of his beats himself and produces his music. He’s that kind of guy. Self-efficient.

Instagram: Rhic.lhaw

Find Rhic law’s discography here:

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Ikole’s machalla. A soft boy with voice like a double hot dog sharwama. Sweet and satisfying. Bellz is also known as SK. Although he is popularly known for his tiktok videos this bad boy drops freestyles occasionally that, in simplest terms and for lack of better words, are orgasmic to the ears.

Each and every artist on this list has constantly proved themselves to be worth watching out for. Is there an upcoming artist you know that is not on this list but that you believe should be on this list? Let us know them in the comments section!

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