Foods UI Students Eat To Avoid SAPA

SAPA, as referred to the state  of financial incapability, is now a common slang used mostly in Nigeria by the student population.

Food however, as we all know, is a necessity for students. This is largely because they use energy gotten from food to perform daily activities like trekking to lecture rooms, reading and other necessary activities.

However, as a result of the financial incapability of students generally, we are shortly going to talk about common Foods that UI students eat to avoid SAPA to nourish them while conserving money.



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This is one really nice option to go with especially with a limited budget. It gives energy as well, but it is not recommendable for heavy eaters, because you might have to purchase a lot.



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This is definitely the most popular and perhaps the cheapest delicacy of food that UI students eat. It is a very good option when considering living on a budget


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This is a common and viable option to go with when you want to eat well without having to spend a lot. Interesting it goes well with a lot of other food like beans Moin moin, akara, to mention a few.


Concoction rice:

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Though it might sound weird to other people, it is well known by students. Concoction rice is a proof that you can eat healthy with little resources. All you need at least to make this a success includes; rice, vegetable oil and pepper.



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A really good and not so expensive option when planning to eat healthy. Considering that it contains quite a lot of nutrients to help you stay well, I consider it a cheap cheat to eating healthy.



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One of the most common sources of protein that could easily be incorporated in our everyday meal as a student, considering the relatively cheaper cost of it compared to other sources of protein.



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Eggs, one of a few foods that can be made in large numbers of differ ways, based on preference. In this part of the world, Eggs are mostly used as complements for other foods like bread, rice, Yam, etc. Considering the cost of getting it, one could easily abide by the eating an egg a day advice.



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Considering its made with milled beans, and the situation of the country right now, its economically advisable to buy then already made. Only then would you enjoy it while having to spend substantially lesser amount of money. It has a lot of nutrients to help you stay healthy too. It is a worthy option to avoid sapa, if you ask me.

As a student, especially a Uite, it is very important that you feed well.

We hope our list has been able to give you variety of options choose from whenever you plan eat well enough while on a budget.

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