UnilagNUGA2022: UI Gets Buried In Their Coffin In The Match Against Unilag.

On the continuation of previous games, the quarterfinal of the men’s football match was played today with the University of Lagos’s team against the University of Ibadan’s team.

This game was supposed to be like any other football match except the University of Ibadan players decided to go ‘all out’. The only problem was their definition of all-out was quite not accepted by their opponent and it subjected them to a lot of dragging.

It’s a typical example of taking a gun to a pillow fight as our UI brethren marched into the sports center with a coffin labeled ‘Rest in Peace, Unilag’ and ‘Unilag, gone too soon’

You should be able to vouch that the Unilag spectators didn’t take it quite well as a fight ensued during the supposed Unilag burial procession by UI peeps, it was reported that Unilag spectators started throwing bottled water plastics at the processors and the security had to intervene for the football match to begin.

Little did the coffin bearers know that they set the foundation for their embarrassment and shame.

The game started well for UI as they came on pretty strong and created a lot of scoring chances but didn’t score, sources said the first half was dominated by the UI players.

During the break, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos entered the sports center and some say it boosted the morale of the Unilag players as they score just a few minutes into the second half. The goal was a game-changer as the second half was dominated by the Unilag players even though the game ended 1-0.

The Unilag brethren proceeded to rub it in by changing the name on the coffin to UI which led to a fight but was quickly dissipated by the security.

As expected, the Twitter scene was hilarious, here are some of the tweets below:

Co-written with Junaid Bolaji