UNILAGNUGA2022: UNILAG Supporters Furious As They Lost The Semi-Final

The semifinal for the men’s football match was held today at the University of Lagos’s sports centre. University of Lagos’s team played against Obafemi Awolowo University’s team and it was held from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Reports confirmed that the match was a tough one with many chances missed. The match started with both teams playing safe, the mood of the match was tense and the first half ended without either of the teams yielding a goal.

Barely a few minutes into the second half, UNILAG Marines scored a goal against OAU players and the mood turned celebratory for the UNILAG supporters only to be dampened by the timely free kicks given by the referee against UNILAG which led to the OAU team scoring.

This was exciting for team OAU as the UNILAG players put in a lot of pressure but to no avail as the match ended in a draw, one goal for each team.

The penalty shootout commenced and this ended not in the favour of Unilag. In the first two rounds, both teams scored but in the third round, Doyin Omotoso, a UNILAG striker unfortunately missed.

The shootout ended up with a score of 4 – 3 with OAU missing only one goal and Unilag missing two.

OAU qualified for the finals and UNILAG lost, sources said the UNILAG supporters didn’t take it well as they started fighting and chasing the referee as they believed the referee was biased because he is an OAU alumni and that he gave a lot of free-kicks as regards to that.

The Unilag supporters found it hard to admit defeat, they should have known that football is a game that could go either way, some said their behavior was rather embarrassing as they were supposed to be the University of First choice.

Co-written with Junaid Bolaji.

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