Our Top 10 BTS Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

Guest post

    Originally, when this article on my top 10 BTS songs was given to me, in my head, I was like “easy peasy” till I got on it and realized it was hard to decide 10 favorites so I’d say this article is on 10 of my favorites.

And in case there’s anyone that’d be seeing this and does not know whom or what BTS is, I’ll help. The original name is Bangtan Soyeondan and it’s a boy band of 7 people known as Taehyung or V, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga or Yoongi,Jin, RM and Jungkook, also known as JK.

The band was birthed 2010 but they had their debut 2013 under Big Hit entertainment like they knew they’d be a big hit. And they have been blessing us with amazing music ever since. 

1. Black Swan

This is one of their songs with beautiful visuals. To be fair, all of their songs have beautiful visuals. Some are just more mind-blowing than the others but that’s not the point of the song. It speaks about them as artistes and their worry about whenever they’d not do what interests them anymore and how much it’d hurt if or when they don’t feel about music the same way they do currently. You can check out the video so you get a bit of what the message is about.

2. Fake love

This is a song off their “Love yourself” album and it’s a part of a whole message that centres on loving yourself but they’re letting you know that it’s key to love yourself genuinely, because if you’re not true to yourself, whatever love you pretend to have for yourself won’t last.

3. Life goes On

This is pretty much literal, isn’t it? It was birthed around the time of the pandemic when everything kinda shook us all and they thought to write a song to encourage people that even in the worst of circumstances, you really have to keep moving because life doesn’t stop, it just goes on.

4. Make it right

This is another beautiful and touching song that was written for the BTS Army as a form of thankfulness for always being there for BTS through it all. The constant hate they have to deal with and all, even when they don’t see them, they believe that Armys are always with them and that was what it was about.

5. Blood, sweat and tears

It tells a tale of lust and letting yourself go for your desires. It has an amazing music video I think everyone should see and the vocals are as mind-blowing as always. It’s BTS for a reason.

6. Dynamite

Dynamite was their first song solely in English and I think they did an amazing job on it. It was also another song to encourage folks during the pandemic. There was a whole lot to not be happy about so why not give the people something with a burst of energy that’d make them happy as well? And there came Dynamite.

7. Mikrokosmos


It feels like a song of love that shows how in a world of so many people, one person can mean a lot. And while this is about BTS, here’s me telling you reading this, you matter.

8. We are bulletproof

It shows the pain and hardships BTS had gone through in the years they’ve built themselves and grown to stardom and how till this moment they’re standing, and standing tall. Literally what the title says, against all they’ve been through, bulletproof.

9. My Universe

In which the boy band sang with Coldplay sheds light on tough love. One that you really want but is hard to get.

10. Permission to Dance

This song tells you to let yourself go and give yourself to feelings of joy rather than negativity. You don’t need permission to dance so dance your sorrows away beautiful people.

  Honestly, it felt nice talking about these songs by artistes I love and I do hope you loved this as well. 

I’m Makinde Precious. A writer, up and coming photographer and student ambassador for Cowrywise. A bibliophile, weeb and believer too. Check out my blog