8 Scrumptious Ways To Enjoy Your Garri

Garri is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria. To some, garri is not seen as food but an appetizer to cool down hunger before the time the main meal will be ready while to some (like me) Garri na full option especially when taken when it has a company. Do you get? Follow this article with maximum attention, don’t talk to anyone, just stay glued then you will understand what I meant by company.

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1. Garri With Fried Meat

Let’s start with my tribe (Egbarewa) where I believe this delicious combination came from. This fried meat must have been in a pepper sauce for some hours to allow the sauce to penetrate the fried meat wella. Then, your tasty Garri can go with it.
P.S. Other kinds of fries are also welcome. Bushmeat, turkey, beef, chicken and so on.

2. Garri With Fish

This definitely is my next favorite after Garri with fried meat. The difference here is that the fish does not necessarily need to be fried. It can be boiled fish, smoked fish or fried fish. Anyone your heart desires.
P.S. You can also enjoy your Garri with fish stew.

3. Garri with Milk, Honey or Sugar

And this right here is another form of sweetness overload. If you love sweet things, you can decide to use both honey and sugar. You can decide to go extra by adding Milo or Bournvita. After all, enjoyment is what we are after.

4. Garri With Beans pudding (Moimoi) or Beans cake (Akara)

You can spice up your Garri by drinking it with either beans pudding or beans cake. You can never go wrong with this combo if it’s prepared rightly.

5. Garri with shrimps

You will never go wrong with shrimps. For maximum enjoyment, make sure it’s fried. (yeah, I’m a sucker for fries).

6. Garri with beans

This combination is the only one that fills one up the most, it’s referred to as “concrete” or “sokundale”. To make this combo, you can either mix the garri while it’s still cooking (almost done) or after it’s well cooked.

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7. Garri And Kulikuli

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If you have never had this combo, that means you did not grow up in a typical Nigerian home. It comes in different shapes, it might be thin and straight or round or flat.

8. Garri and Coconut

Trust me, if you’ve never drank garri with coconut, you’ve been missing out on delicious food. This combo promises you the natural sweetness of milky coconut taste. Yummy, right?

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There are more combinations but there can be only a few we can give to you at a time, yeah? Remember to drink your garri with cold water for a sumptuous experience. Why don’t you drop your suggestions on how you drink drink your garri?

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