How To Style Your Box Braids To Look Chic

Are you a lady like me who likes her braids more than anything else? Then, relax and watch me share with you amazing ways to style your box braids so you can look chic and attract yourself to a worthy man.

Doughnut Style

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Doughnuts don’t only have a lovely taste but can brighten up your dull moments. Even their shape can help change the overall look of your face if you can take time to roll your braids to form a circle. I know this process doesn’t come easy but it’s worth trying. Don’t sleep on it! 

Bow Tie

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I know you agree with me that this is one of the best braid styling methods you’ve seen so far. However, I would not advise you to try this for the first time on the second day of the week when you have to go to work early. It’s better to practice during your spare time. All you need to arrive at this amazing style are your hands and a variety of hairpins. 

Multi-coloured Braids

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My dear sister, life is too short for boring hairstyles. Another way you can upgrade your look with box braids is by using different colours of attachments to make your box braids. Still, you can’t afford to look like a homeless person all in the name of fashion. Make sure to pick the right colours so you don’t mess up the whole thing. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 


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This style is perfect for times you want to run to work, school or market and you don’t have enough time to style your hair. Half-up is as easy as grabbing a clip and pulling some braids back. If some strands are still coming out of your braids, you can control and pat them down with hairspray. 

Scarfing Style

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A scarf can be your best friend on a bad hair day or if you’ve not been chanced to wash your braids for a long time. In case you didn’t know, it’s possible to wash braids in other to maintain them. Still, never attempt to wash your braids if you don’t have an electric drier or other means of drying them. Less I digress, you can also tie a craft in various ways over your box braids to give it a new look. 

Top Knot Bun

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Does top knot bun sound strange to you? It’s another amazing way to style your braids. This braid styling method helps to keep braids out of your face and adds extra volume to it. If you want to know how it’s done properly, it’s best to watch online videos. 

Thin Side Braid

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For very thin box braids, putting them in a smaller braid is a great choice. By putting your tiny braids together, you can incorporate a regular 3-part side braid or fishtail braid into your look. The smaller the braids,  the finer the style is. You can also maintain it with a hair tie.

Pinned-Back Bangs

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If you’re tired of having braids all over your face, you can pin them back with some hairpins or a large hair clip. You can also pin back your bangs for a simple and styled look. 

Do you have another amazing box braid styling method you’d like to share? I’d be delighted to read it in the comment section! 

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