5 Crazy Things Gen Z folks Do After a Breakup

Just like Burna Boy said “Last last, na everybody go Chop Breakfast, Breakfast seems inevitable, especially in this Generation Z . More than 80% of Gen Z either serve or chop breakfast yearly.

Breakfast (break up) is that type of national cake you don’t want a share in because of how it morphs our psychological space. The pain a breakup can possibly cause is unquantifiable and can really mess you up. People deal with this pain in different ways. While some just let things play out and heal naturally, some people go the extra mile to heal by doing some really crazy things. Not like most of these things are really done to boost their own healing process but to inflict just a fraction of the pain they are feeling on the Person that caused their pain. Let’s discuss a few!  shall we?

1) Blocking everywhere

Blocking the person on all social media platforms just to make sure you don’t see their updates or blocking their call and SMS line to make sure they can’t reach out to you might boost your healing process in all truth but is it necessary? And does that really count as healing? People consider this stunt immature but a person hurting has got to do what he/she has got to do to heal right?

2) Cast secrets that were entrusted to you

One of the pettiest moves by people that just got heartbroken is to leak sensitive and demeaning information that were given to them in confidentiality and to use the lowest points of their heartbreaker’s life against them. This has nothing to do with healing. It is a cowardly attempt at revenge. Some couples in se#ual relationships share n#des with their partners and while we frown at this act itself, leaking these images or videos just because the relationship didn’t work out is maximum level cowardice. Maybe it does help you get back at your ex-partner. Just maybe it does. You have also done damage to your own image by letting your feelings get the better of you. Now, you’re the guy/girl that cannot be trusted.

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3) Use cancel culture

In this age of social media, where everyone’s lives are on display on the internet, it is becoming increasingly easier to obtain basic information such as a person’s residence and workplace. As witnessed multiple times on Twitter, individuals have taken offense and initiated campaigns to ensure that their target loses their jobs or opportunities due to a falling out. If this isn’t outrageous, then what is? Akin to this scenario, our next point follows suit…

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4) Sexual abuse accusations

At a point on Twitter, this issue was almost an everyday affair where we’ll hear that a popular couple broke up then one of them would come out to suddenly accuse the other of sexual abuse, and at the end of the day, investigations come out to prove the allegations wrong. Sometimes, the culprit comes out themselves to apologize, saying they were just in too much pain and wanted to make sure the perpetrator of their pain got a little of what it felt like. Crazy does not even begin to describe this act as we have seen people commit suicide because of the pain false sexual allegations have caused them.

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5) Move on ASAP

As normal as this might look, it is actually a crazy thing to do especially when done for the wrong reasons like to make the other person jealous or inability to stay single. The new partner in the picture most times doesn’t even realize that they are merely being used to make someone else want them back or as a mere rebound. This is disrespectful to the new partner.

Have you experienced a break-up before? How did it make you feel? How did you cope with it? Did you do anything crazy? Share with us in the comment section