5 Reasons To Be Grateful You Were Born A Nigerian

It’s just March but we all know this year has shown most Nigerians shege already. From the consistent hike in prices of perpetually everything to the fuel scarcity, to the Nationwide power outage. Who did we offend? Many people are seriously considering japa-ing now and I’m not about to discourage you. In fact, I wish you the very best.

But while you’re here, I’ve thought of some things to cheer you up and give you a glimpse of a silver lining. Here are some reasons to still be grateful you’re a Nigerian.

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1. Naija Jollof rice

Imagine being born as a Ghanaian and having to say “Ghana jollof is better than Naija jollof” when you just consumed a bowl of Naija jollof that you absolutely relished? Such betrayal! Imagine having to stand up for what you know is wrong, but you dare not attest to it. That’s the struggle Ghanaians go through daily, but you know nothing about it because you were born a Nigerian. You didn’t even ask for it. So many people wish they were you and I’m not kidding. Yet you won’t take a breath to give thanks for the miracle of you being Nigerian. O wrong nau.

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2. Ibadan Micra drivers and Lagos danfo drivers

If you live in Lagos or Ibadan and you say you’re depressed, you either don’t go out at all or you don’t transport by road. Because if you do, you cannot follow any commute and remain depressed. How? When there are danfo and micra drivers to give you content you didn’t pay for and laugh your ass off? From their banters and altercations with their fellow road users, passengers, and even innocent (not all of them though) passersby, you can be sure to get enough laughs to relieve you of the depressing state of your account and Nigeria’s economy too. But it gets pretty ugly when you’re the object of the driver’s attention so you also what to tread carefully.

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3. Social media camaraderie

Let’s be real, every family has their challenges. Ours is just more exaggerated than others in this country. 😂 Daily, we’re faced with afflictions in addition to a lack of empathy on the part of our leaders. And so it’s always a joy to find that regardless of these things, there’s something on social media to have you rolling in tears mixed with laughter, while you forget your troubles for a moment. Always a joy when we can gather to talk about common experiences from childhood or other phases of our lives, and just feel better knowing someone else went through those same things.

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4. Our musical talents

Forget, we get talent for this country! And it’s so heartwarming to see those talents being recognized so much now, even internationally! As a Nigerian, you can brag about being affiliated to the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Burna, Fireboy, etc. That’s such a huge flex o. And if you don’t know that, you don’t know what God has done for you.

5. Unlimited supply of staples like garri

Imagine if we had to import garri like rice, imagine if a bag of garri was also 32k. Omo, na premium suffer o. Now, imagine other countries that don’t have garri. Yeah, they probably have other staples like that, but we’re talking about garri! A national hero! Saving lives since 1860. You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

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You don’t truly appreciate what you have sometimes until you reflect deeply. Can you now see what a blessing it is to be a Nigerian?