Top 20 Burna Boy Hit Songs

“Odogwu you bad, efile fun Burna”! There’s hardly any day that goes by without Nigerians chanting the lyrics of Burna boy’s song. This successful Nigerian musician has been able to work his way up to making his voice heard in the Nigerian music industry.

Today, we give you the top 20 Burna Boy’s Hit songs: 

20. Like To Party

For our old dear Burna, his journey to stardom began when he released the song “Like to Party” as the lead single of his debut studio album L.I.F.E meaning Leaving an Impact for Eternity. What a good name to make a great start.

19. Run My Race

This is another hit off the superstar’s debut project. With the lyrics of this song, Burna calls on both well-wishers and haters to be a part of his journey in the musical industry.

18. Won Da Mo

In 2013, Odogwu released “Won Da Mo” in which he featured D’banj and the song was greatly accepted by the general populace. Generally, 2013 was a good year for him.

17. Soke

Burna Boy produced Soke under his very own record label. In case you weren’t aware, he has a record label called Spaceship Entertainment. This song is a timeless record with a unique music video. 

16. Hallelujah

So a whole Burna can sing “Hallelujah”? Yes, he did show gratitude to go for his life and those he loves. Actually, one of the things that have been setting him apart in the music industry is his versatility. 

15. Tonight

Another song that brought Burna boy to the limelight is “Tonight”. It was influenced by the dynamic producer-artist duo of Burna Boy and LeriQ. 

14. All Eyes On Me

Obviously, Burna doesn’t roll with local artists like himself alone. When producing “All Eyes On Me”, he featured top South African rappers, popularly known as Da L.E.S, and JR to give Africa the ultimate summer jam of 2014.

13. Don Gorgon

Don Gorgon is another hit song by Burna that made him famous. In the video for Don Gorgon, he partied in elevators and enjoyed hot air balloon rides.

12. Pree Me

Pree Me is also one of his hit songs. This track was produced by LeriQ. Using the lyrics of the song, he expresses his past shortcomings and feelings of betrayal. 

11. Ja Ara E 

Ja Ara E is also a hit song by Burna. In the song, he takes on a low-toned didactic voice, as he did in his old singles. It was featured in one of Beyonce’s albums titled “The Lion King”. 

10. All My Life 

“All My Life” was paired with a riveting music video shot by a South African filmmaker called Adriaan Louw. It’s always worth listening to. 

9. Gum Body

For Gum Body, Burna also featured U.K. singer Jorja Smith. It was necessary after the massive success they had with “Be Honest”.

8. Location 

The birth of Location came as a result of Burna Boy and Dave’s effort to create an astonishing piece of artwork. In the long run, it earned both artists Song of the Year nominations at the Brits. 

7. Another Story

Burma featured a Ghanaian top rapper called M.anifest in this massive production. The song reveals the masked story behind the creation of Nigeria. 

6. Rock Your Body

Rock Your Body is a perfect song to dance to with your lover at a nightclub. It’s a perfect blend of dancehall and afro-pop ably. 

5. On the Low

Back in the days and up till now, “On The Low” is still one of the people’s favourite songs. On the track, he takes on the personality of a lover enthralled by his muse, Angelina. 

4. Anybody

Burna Boy was pretty harsh in this song by saying, “Knack am something” but no one seems to care as the song compels listeners to get up and dance.

3. Killin Dem

This song is no doubt one of Burna Boy’s greatest hits of all time! Shooooo! You can’t just avoid being dull as this song comes alive. Burna featured Zlatan who was a rising star then. The song actually killed it while the title indicates.

2. Ye

There’s hardly any Nigerian that hasn’t said the lyrics of “Ye”. This song is fondly referred to as the second Nigerian national anthem. It talks about the struggles and aspirations of several Nigerians.

1. Dangote

I’m sure, “Dangote, Dangote, Dangote still dey find money” is still very fresh in your memory. How can we ever forget the song that attest to the fact that people would always keep aiming for more, no matter the height they reach?

If you know any other songs that you feel show be on the list, let us know in the comment session!