10 Activities To Help You Make The Most Of Ramadan

Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, brothers and sisters!

I brought to you the good message, just like we already know, we are in the BEST of all months. The month in which the door of paradise is wide open and the door of hell is tightly locked

 Ramadan Kareem, once again, my beautiful people!

In this article, I will be going through a few activities that we can engage ourselves in to keep our fast intact and of course! Make it acceptable. May Allah in his infinite mercy accept our Ibadah. Amin.

Just like we are to avoid certain things to keep our fast valid, numerous other acts can be done more to maximize the blessings of the holy month.

Here are 10 of them:

1. Read the Glorious Quran

First thing first, reading the Qur’an is not just an act for this month alone, but reading it in the Holy Month is an extraordinary act of worship that would not be overlooked.

Scholars said, “one receives multiple rewards for every letter recited”.

Imagine reading the Glorious Qur’an this Holy Month. 

Brothers and sisters, dedicate more time to reading the Qur’an in this period.

2.  Give Food To The Ones That Need It

The moral of the Holy month is to teach us what the poor ones are going through. The Holy month is a test for every Muslim. You get to experience the hunger of a poor Muslim, who on a normal day can’t afford a meal.

A lot of Muslims are fasting with no resources to sustain the fast, both at dawn and dusk. 
Muslims, especially those with financial aid, are highly advised to give food to the needy to help their fellow Muslims.

3. Alms Giving

Brothers and sisters, just like it is rewrewardabler you to give charity on ordinary days. Imagine doing it in this precious month.
 Ramadan, in essence, is a month for sober reflection. The month strengthens brotherhood, give to the poor at any little opportunity you see especially in the month of Ramadan

4. Remembrance of Allah

Remembrance of Allah in all our doings. All our acts of worship are directed to him alone. They shouldn’t be done to impress or for us to be praised. 

The days of the Holy month are expected to be spent remembering Allah through various acts of Ibadah(reading the Qur’an, charity, etc)

5. Pray at the appropriate time

Observe the compulsory five daily Solaat at their appropriate time.

Don’t forget, that the holy month is meant to free our souls from every form of dirt. Don’t neglect them at all. 

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6. Attend Lectures

We are familiar with how different lectures are organised in this holy month.

Brothers and sisters, attend public lectures as much as possible. They enrich our spirituality and soul.

7. Relate with fellow Muslims

Relate with fellow Muslims in the society irrespective of class, race and culture.

This is one of the reasons for the holy month, to promote brotherhood in society.  Relating with others should not be restricted to the month alone.

8. Donate to cause of Allah

As Muslims, we should help in promoting worthy causes. We should contribute in any little way we can to our immediate society. Not just in the month alone. Worthy causes may include donating needed materials in propagating the Deen(religion), etc.

9. Spread the message Islam has always preached (Love and Peace)

Islam is unarguably the religion of peace. And Ramadan, on the other hand, offers the best opportunities to spread the message of love, especially to Non-Muslims.

When we are fasting, we shouldn’t at any point cause trouble no matter how provoked we might be, instead, we should say the words “I’m fasting, I’m fasting”.

10. Mend broken relationships

It’s a sacred month, you shouldn’t hold grudges. Mend broken relationships, a Muslim shouldn’t be keeping malice with their brothers and sisters in Islam.

Ramadan offers Muslims the opportunity to mend broken relationships and live peacefully.

Take the opportunity of the month of love to promote healthy relationships in the society.

Imagine extending these acts of worship to other months. May the Almighty make it easier for every one of us. Amin!

Ramadan Mubarak!