It’s no news that the prices of things are increasing at an alarming rate these days. Fret no more, I’m here with some tips on how to escape it.


When you think about the amount spent on petrol and cabs, a headache might arise. Instead of getting petrol or getting into cabs, we can go back to how things were before the discovery of fuel.

A. Camel

Instead of allowing Bolt to take away all your money, use camel to transport your loads.

B. Donkey

Before we got vehicles here, donkeys were used as a means of transportation, we might as well go back to using that.

C. Horse

This is still used as a means of transportation in some parts of the world, I believe. And then, there’s this fly feeling that comes with riding a horse, won’t you like to be feel that?

D. Carts

If you feel the sun is too much and your head is too precious for the sun, make use of carts then and besides it was wealthy people that use carts mostly those days.

E. Bicycles

Instead of taking a bike and allowing the bike man to throw you off the bike with his reckless driving, why not opt for a bicycle? Benefits? You get to be in control of how you are riding. Also, you won’t spend a dime.

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F. Trekking

I don’t understand why we have to waste our money when we can always decide to trek. Before the invention of vehicles, shey una forefathers no dey trek? The Lord has blessed us with a kind of Benz, the one that uses no fuel. You’re lost??? Oh, sorry? I meant our Leggedes Benz.

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This feeding thing is on another level. You’ll buy something today by the time, you go back the next day, it would have increased. Here are some ways to avoid hikes in terms of feeding. It’s 100% legit, no stealing.

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A. Drink water

No rule in the world says you must eat three square meals, right? Then, drink water in the morning and the afternoon, then eat at night.

B. Don’t go out

Why must you always be an outsider while you can just stay in the comfort of your homes and enjoy peace? Going out means spending more money especially when it’s a restaurant hangout.

C. Cut down your appetite

Mr Ebinna, Miss Ebinna, don’t you think it’s high time you cut down that huge appetite of yours. If you are still eating excess food in this time and season, you’re a hooligan.

D. Sleep

Sleep early, wake up late, once you realize you are not doing anything, sleep. It’s most likely you get hungry when you ain’t doing anything.

E. Binge watch

Most times, when you are engrossed in a thing you won’t feel hungry. So my dear, get movies, especially series, watch them without skipping any scene.

F. Marathon fast

Do 7 days of Marathon fasting. This is the best advice by the way because not only will you avoid hike, your spirit man will be energized.

You see? There, you have it. Hike in prices can be avoided as long as you obey the above instructions. (Nobody should come after me for this article)

Don’t come after me ooo

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