8 Lifestyle Every UI Staylite Can Relate To

Life they say is like a pizza. Upon seeing the packaging, we thought it was square-shaped until we opened it to see a circle and ended up eating a triangle-shaped treat. This is exactly how the story of every typical uite goes. The life of a UI staylite isn’t always as expected and is different from what is being seen outwards. Here is how the life of a typical Uite goes; 

#1. Battle With Result Stress

With the excitement of being a fresher gone and the reality of our results staring at us in the faces, staylites are forced to bear the extra burden. Don’t even let me get started on the hardship that comes with dealing with unexpected results. Trust me, there are lots of students who don’t deserve the results given to them because either their scores were recorded wrongly, weren’t recorded at all, or they were marked down. Yet, there’s no one to apologize for this wickedness and tell them everything is fine with a reassuring smile! 

#2. Treated Like Second Class Citizens

Oh though UI staylite! Until when will you keep being treated like a second-class citizen? Imagine school has resumed since two weeks ago yet staylites are yet to be awarded rooms in their assigned halls of residence tell me, who will do “Aro” for freshers or make them know the cheapest places to buy stuff on campus? If you’re expecting finalists who are being consumed by the weight of the project, you’re joking. 

#3. Battle With Choosing The Right Elective Courses

Another critical issue a typical UI staylite faces is “elective saga“. If you’re not familiar with that as a Uite staylite, you’re not fit to be called one. Okay, I take that back because I just coined that, lol. So, as we all know, electives are courses that are neither required nor compulsory. Even though you have the choice to pick the number of electives you want, you still need to be careful. If you pick many electives and you fail them, they can make your GP drop. On the other hand, if you pass them, they can boost up your GP. 

#4. Mostly Affected By SAPA

Staylite is the category of students that SAPA affects the most in UI. Since you’re not a fresher anymore, the level of pampering from parents would reduce. Yet, your bills would increase If you don’t come across a fresher that would expect you to buy food for them at Tedder, the PRO of your department could come to you for sponsorship. 

#5. Bear The Burden Of Providing Academic Support For Freshers

What about academic reliance? Even with the loads of courses you have to read and digest, freshers would come to you for advice on what courses to choose. As if that’s not enough, you’d still have to organize tutorials for them. Imagine the stress that comes with teaching a course you taught you’d never come across again! You have to read and understand it ahead of the tutoring hour so your juniors won’t think you don’t know what you’re doing. 

#6. Battle With Academic Challenges 

The University of Ibadan has great professors, good-looking holders of masters and PhD degrees yet they’re the worst nightmare of every staylite. These intellectuals believe that for you to be able to withstand the trials of 100 level, you need to equip and upgrade yourself so they make each level more challenging than the previous and their style of teaching also changes. 

#7. Staylites Battle With IT Requirements

When the clock ticks 300 level, as a staylite in the faculty of education, no one needs to tell you to review your wardrobe because it’s time to start your teaching practice journey. Even if you’ve never knot a tie in your life, you’ll have no choice but to learn how it’s being done because dressing well is one of the requirements for teaching practice. Still, you have to be prepared to discipline students without the use of a cane and ensure your teaching style suits the taste of your supervisor. 

#8. Staylites Are Hardworking

UI staylites are reliable, diligent and determined. We know how to play our game so you can’t catch us off guard. From dawn to dusk, we’re always somewhere doing something tangible because we know our schedules like the back of our palms. So, yeah, you can’t see us in the Love Garden when an afternoon lecture is going on or at a lecture room when there’s gyration in the SUB foyer. Ko possible! 

As a fresher, one of your tickets to having good grades is having a staylite friend because they say experience is the best teacher. Given our experiences, we don’t want you to suffer the same plight so we try our best to help you. We have the past questions and have been able to carefully examine some lecturers to know how to operate. So, anytime you run into a staylite, give us some accolades because we’re the real mvps.