Most beauty products contain the essential element, Vitamin E, and this is because they know how vital it is for the skin as well as the hair. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and an antioxidant and so, it can contain cell damage. Experts say that on average, men need 4 mg of vitamin E a day and women, 3 mg every day.
Vitamin E is often used in dermatology to help protect the skin against ageing and sun damage and to help in maintaining healthy skin and a strong immune system.

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Vitamin E has also recently been credited for being able to cure damaged hair into shiny waves of having worthy of a model perhaps.
Below are some of the benefits of Vitamin E on the hair:

1. It helps to prevent hair loss

Vitamin E supplements help to improve hair growth in people with hair loss. Oxidative stress has often been linked with hair loss and the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E help to reduce oxidative stress in the scalp. Hence, promoting hair growth.

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2. It helps to improve blood circulation on the scalp

Vitamin E is one of the stimulants for capillary growth, which consequently aids ease of blood circulation in the body. It increases the amount of oxygen and other essential nutrients that are supplied from the blood to the hair follicles. This whole process results in healthy hair growth for you.

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3. It balances oil production

Your intake of Vitamin E is essential to creating a protective barrier on your skin’s surface and as well as on your scalp. This barrier helps to lock in moisture and prevent a dry scalp. If you have dry skin, it can be a sign that your intake of Vitamin E is low.

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4. It adds shine to your hair

When your hair is damaged, it can look dull and lack lustre. A vitamin E-rich oil can help bring back shine. Oils generally help to seal out moisture, reduce breakage, and protect the hair from damage.

5. It promotes stronger hair growth

Vitamin E helps in enabling hair growth by strengthening the roots on the scalp.

How to use vitamin E for your hair

Having a Vitamin E deficiency is extremely rare because most people get plenty throughout the day from their diet. Having a balanced diet is one way to supply the needed ratio of vitamin E for your hair.

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Some foods that are rich in vitamin E include:

1. Nuts: These are a great source of vitamin E. From peanuts to walnuts to cashew nuts, they are very high in vitamin E.
2. Olives and Olive oil: Both olives and olive oil are considered two of the best sources of vitamin E. Use olive oil to make your soups, salads, etc. to infuse vitamin E into your diet.
3. Avocado: Avocado is another food that is also packed with the benefits of vitamin E. Research says this will give you 20 per cent of the required daily dosage of vitamin E.
4. Leafy greens, sunflower oil, meats and fortified foods like breakfast cereal are some other sources of vitamin E.

Incorporating Vitamin E in your hair care routine will do your hair so much good. And the best thing is that you don’t need the most expensive hair products to do so. You can get your daily fix from a well put together and healthy balanced diet.