COVID-19: What You Should Know About The New Phase Of Lockdown In China

Did you know that there is an ongoing lockdown in China? You probably heard about it in passing, it’s a lot more serious than you think. The current situation of COVID-19 or lack of it in UAR probably makes it hard to believe that the omicron variant of the Coronavirus is so deadly in other countries.

The UK, US, and China have it bad among countries facing the omicron epidemic and China has taken extreme measures for this.

1) The Zero-COVID Policy.

China implemented the Zero-COVID policy, which aims at the total elimination of the new variant of the Covid-19, the stealth omicron variant. This majorly involves the limitation of travel from and to China, the shut down of Schools, the suspension of public transportation, regular community testing programs, restriction of residents to their homes, etc.

This same strategy was used during Coronavirus Outbreak and proved its effectiveness then but seems powerless against the omicron virus as there has been an increased rate of infection than when the strategy was effected.

The lockdown has lasted for three weeks so far.

2) It Could Affect The World Economy.

The major city involved in the lockdown is Shanghai. This is home to about 25 million people. Shanghai is a very important economic hub in China and the world. This lockdown could cause serious inflation in both the domestic and world economy.

Other cities also affected are Jilin City, Changchun, Xuzhou, the steel city of Tangshan, etc.

3) Hunger In China

This is a perfect time to ask your friends in China about their well-being because, amidst the increasing rate of infection, there seems to be an increasing rate of hunger as well.

The Zero-COVID policy brought on a total lockdown and the Lockdown restricts residents from leaving their houses, not even to get food or groceries. Only two volunteers per apartment are allowed to shop outside for only two hours.

Residents find it difficult to order food and medical supplies online as there is a shortage of supplies and delivery staff.

The whole delivery system has collapsed. This shortage has triggered anger among residents of different social statuses and has led to a protest.

After all, a hungry man is an angry man.

4) Parent-Child Separation.

Parents of Shanghai express their worry as their Infected children are separated from them. The Zero-COVID policy requires those who test positive, including infants and children to isolate in quarantine facilities or hospitals, with no family contact allowed.

5) The Easing Of Lockdown.

Yesterday, April 11, 2022, the Chinese government announced their intention to ease the Lockdown in areas that have zero COVID cases in over two weeks, they would be allowed ‘appropriate activities’. The nature of the ‘activities’ is unknown.

The virus isn’t over and this is the perfect reminder you need to take care of your health.