A Broke Guy’s Guide to Having A fun Birthday: 10 Affordable and Exciting Ideas

Growing up as a guy in Nigeria, we were taught that celebrating birthdays isn’t a big deal for men, especially if you’re low on money. This belief helped guys avoid spending they couldn’t afford.

Many guys still don’t celebrate their birthdays – they see it as just another day. But being short on cash doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I’ve come up with simple ways for guys to enjoy their birthdays without going broke. It’s time to change the thinking that birthdays are only for the wealthy and realize we all deserve a little celebration, no matter our wallets.

Here are 10 ways you can have a great birthday even if you’re tight on cash:

 10. Treat yourself to a present

First of all, don’t forget you need to gift yourself something, no matter how little it may be. 

9. Try Out New Recipes

If you enjoy cooking, you can have some friends over to try new recipe you just discovered.

8. Game Night With Friends

The more, the merrier! If you’re comfortable with company, you can invite a couple of friends over to play FIFA together. You can also try out other games like tongue twisters, scrabble, and chess. Sharing jokes and having fun will help end the day on a positive note.

7.Explore the flavors of local dishes

If you’re planning to treat your friends to a meal and don’t want to spend too much at fancy restaurants, consider taking on a tourist’s mindset. Explore affordable local eateries, like the popular mama put spots, and you’ll be amazed by how little you’ll need to spend.

6. Play Football With Friends

Engage in a round of football with your buddies – a perfect way for guys to hang out, nurture friendships, and enjoy themselves. Many guys opt for this due to its combination of entertainment and physical activity.

5.Catch your favorite football club in action.

If your football team has a match on your birthday then you can make this the highlight of your day. Who wouldn’t relish the chance to watch their favorite club in action? And if they secure a victory on your birthday, it would be a unforgettable gift.

4. Go To A  Nearby Cinema

While not everyone may be drawn to the idea, going to the cinema can be a fantastic way to make the most of your day. If you’re inclined towards it, consider bringing along a loved one to create lasting memories together.

3. Go on a picnic with loved ones

 Choose a nearby park or scenic spot. Pack  homemade food, snacks, and drinks. You can use this opportunity to catch up with your loved ones, listen to good music, play games, relax and unwind.

2. Window Shopping

If this is something that excites you, then I suggest you go window shopping. It not a crime to go to big malls or outlets just to take pictures without patronizing them, most people just find joy in touring the mall.

1.Explore the beach if you have one nearby.

Celebrate your birthday with a beach adventure! Sightsee, relax, unwind, dance to music, and make memories with your friends.

Birthdays come only once in 365 days. You should make the most out of it even if you are financially unbalanced. 

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