5 Anime Series Only True Weebs Have Seen

As much as animes have been thought of as shows meant exclusively for kids especially in Nigeria, the large majority of the people watching and enjoying these shows these days are not kids. Anime watchers know how much the shows relate to reality and how enjoyable the fictional series is. Here we’ll be giving you 5 anime shows that you absolutely need to check out.

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1. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba

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Arguably one of the most colorful anime series ever created, Demon slayer does not only offer exhilarating action scenes but also eye-pleasing coloration. It is a beautifully written Anime series. The main character’s sister was attacked by a demon and his whole family except his sister was spared even though she was turned into a demon. He vowed to do whatever it would take to turn his sister back into a human. To do this, he had to join the demon slayer corps.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

This story is about a young boy who ate the finger of an old and powerful demon called Sukuna and consequentially gained the demon’s consciousness and a fraction of the demon’s powers whenever the demon took charge of his body. His strong will made it possible for him to take back control of his body from the demon. He got to be mentored by the powerful Gojo Satoru who formed a band of other characters and set out to defeat monsters called curses in their world and ultimately defeat Sukuna.

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3. Attack on Titan

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This anime is set in a world where people live inside cities surrounded by great walls to protect them from man-eating titans. The lives of the three main characters as well as the rest of the show’s characters are changed forever after a colossal Titan appeared and began to kick down the walls. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin joined an elite group of soldiers responsible for fighting Titans outside of the walls called the scout regiment. This anime promises to thrill you with its disregard for its characters’ lives as people you don’t expect to get killed get eaten by Titans.

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4. My hero academia

My hero academia

Villains with powerful quirks are on the rise but a school known as the hero academy trains its students to become strong and brave enough to protect the less powerful citizens and also fight against the villains. This anime is about a superhero-loving boy without superpowers (quirks) in a world where almost everyone has and those that do not have are being discriminated against. His fate finally changes during an encounter with the most powerful hero who passes down his power (one for all) down to him. One for all is a quirk with a shady past and its ultimate goal is to defeat its brother, all for one.

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5. Black clover

Asta and Yuno

Asta, a young boy born without any power into a world where every single person has, has a big dream of becoming the Wizard king. To keep up with his dream, he trained his body rigorously. He and his fellow mages in the black Bull consisting of degenerates and oddballs like himself set out to become the best magic knight squad. Asta’s childhood best friend and day one rival, Yuno, are on a race to become the wizard king and they continue to grow stronger after Yuno got the legendary four-leaf grimoire that was once owned by the very first wizard king while Asta surprisingly got a 5-leaf grimoire said to contain a devil. Asta’s grimoire provided him with mysterious swords that help him battle while Yuno has extreme finesse with his wind magic after obtaining the wind spirit’s blessing.

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No matter your feelings toward animes, these five are an absolute must-watch and will improve how you see animes. Even though they are fictional, they relate so much to reality and address so many real-life issues intelligently.

Happy National Anime Day

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