Popular Places For Hanging Out In UI

A lot of people attribute the prestigious university of Ibadan with academic activities alone. However, the fact remains that the University of Ibadan, fondly called UI, is also a place of fun. Here are some of the popular places to hang out in the university:

Heritage Park

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Heritage Park is no doubt one of the popular places for hanging out in the university of Ibadan. This park which is opposite the Queen Elizabeth hall is used to host a series of events. Since the park is free, students usually go there to host fun filled activities like picnics. The park has the logo of the school right in its center and is just a few minutes walk to the vice chancellor’s office.

Love Garden

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When I first heard of love garden, I initially thought it was a garden with flowers planted in the shape of love but it has nothing of such. Still, love garden is also one of the most popular hang out spots in the University of Ibadan. It’s common for students to go there to chat with friends, eat, play or study. Everyone is free to move around love garden because it doesn’t require any entry. It’s located in front of Mellanby and Tedder hall. Come to think of it, who is in a better position to claim the garden? Teddites or Mellanbites?

Botanical Garden

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If anyone invites you for a departmental hang out in UI, there’s a 99.9% chance the location would be at the botanical garden. Botanic garden is a well-known hangout spot in the university. Just last year, I can remember attending three events in the garden and counting. The garden is a cool place to be considering the fact that it has playing equipment we can explore to feel young again. But it’s so funny that even churches still go there to host programs..Nigerians eh!! However, you should note that you can’t freely enter botanical garden like other hang out spot in ui. You’d require a pass from the person hosting the event you want to attend there.

Awba Dam

Photo Credit: http://Instagram.com/itz_sarm


Here is another fantastic hang out spot in UI. I’ve seen pictures of people having fun while at this top UI tourist center. If you love water and you happen to come around UI, don’t hesitate to explore Awba Dam. You’d definitely enjoy the view. It also has an open space where visitors can sit to gist and munch on snacks.


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Spices is another popular hangout spot in UI. However, it’s not a large open space like the rest. It’s more like a bar but alcohol is not the only thing they sell there. They sell pepper soup, chicken and chips & others. It’s a good place to be on a Friday evening.
Greatest Uites!! If there’s any other place you feel should be on the list, kindly share in the comment session.