There are multiple unpredictable places one can find love, however, there are likely places one can get to meet their other half on Unilag campus as an akokite. The higher the number of people visiting a particular place, the likelihood of getting to meet your second half.

The University of Lagos, University of first choice and Nation pride, although does not have a large land mass, is not deprived of having popular hangout spots where students get to find their missing rib. 

The popular hangout spots in unilag you can find love on will be buttressed on.


This is the most popular of them all which cuts across the third mainland bridge.

It is one of the spots with the nicest view on campus and it is also one of the most visited places on campus, hence, the probability of finding your soul mate in such a place.

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Different people visit here for tourism, photography, picnic, etc. It has a nice environment where people come to enjoy themselves and pass time, therefore, it is a sure spot you can get to meet the love of your life.

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If you haven’t taken picture at access bank before, hands in the air.

No hands!

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Access bank located opposite New Hall, is another popular spot where students are likely to find their love.

It has a lovely garden that serves as a relaxation centre and it also has WiFi for those who own access bank account.

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It is popularly known for its superb architecture, hence, students find it a great spot for taking nice pictures. In the process of taking pictures, it is possible for students to get attracted to one another.


Although, New Hall is majorly a residential area but it cannot be overlooked as it is also visited by a large number of students on a daily basis.

New Hall which is located at the centre of the school is the hive for activities in the University. It is a fun place to be, usually busy during the day and sparky at night, hence the likelihood of securing a partner.

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Another advantage is that it has several sections where you can find love ranging from the different relaxation centres of residential hostels to the New Hall complex where a lot of activities go on.

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Senate garden popularly known as Love Garden, is the earth of the University which is a lovely romantic spot.

It has a serene environment with shrubs and trees that serves as protection from UV light.

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Another interesting part of this spot is the free and swift WiFi which is readily accessible to students of the University.

This spot has everything for it to be a great place to find love. Although, you can get oppressed when you are there because you would definitely find beautiful couples and you can’t relate.

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Worry no more! You can also meet your love at this beautiful spot.


This is located at the main campus where fun experience is inevitable. Known for it’s name, Moremi Garden, it is also one of the most visited places on campus where students visits for several reasons.

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This is a spot where shows also take place, hence it’s ability to attract students. It is busy and fully occupied in the day and it is usually sparky at night.

No doubt, it is likely possible to find your spec at this spot as a lot of students are found at this spot.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are also a lot of other hangout spots that you can find your second half both in the faculties, departments and so on, nevertheless, the major spots were discussed in this context.

As you read, prepare your mind to shoot your shot when we resume.

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Best of luck comrade!

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