How To Awaken Your Sleeping School Spirit

With all the rogbodiyan of strike, price hike, no fuel, no light; it has become quite hard to stay focused on schooling especially for a student who is affected by the strike. If it looks like you are starting to lose interest in schooling, don’t worry, we are here for you.

1. Know there’s something wrong

First step to solving an issue is to acknowledge that there is an issue. Once, you realize that something has gone wrong, you can then move on to the next step.

2. Do things that remind you that you are still a student

The moment you start withdrawing yourself from school related stuffs, the school energy in you will automatically start reducing. Most persons don’t like schooling they just go for the sake of it. To get your school energy back, get started on school related stuffs.

3. Read books

Hold on, before you start berating me. Read books not necessarily academic books or school books. Books has a way of reminding us of our identity sometimes. Explore. There’s more to life than romance novels and academic books. Explore through reading.

4. Review school notes

Stop looking at me with bad eyes, I know I just said not necessarily school books. But there’s no harm in reviewing your lecture notes especially if you are studying an interesting course. Pick up your lecture notes, scan through them.

5. Make use of sticky notes

While you review your notes and read books, some things will definitely stand out. Get a sticky notes and write them down. Put them in a place where you can always see it.

6. Awake your study groups

If you are chanced to belong to any study groups, they will most probably be asleep and not functioning now. You can do everyone a favor by waking up the group. Chat everyone up, bring up an interesting topic (might not be school related). Frequent chatting will most likely bring ideas and useful informations.

7. Focus on the good side of schooling

Not everyone likes school, yes, we know. But stop focusing on the bad side of it. Be optimistic, guy. Look on the good side, see the goodies that has come with you schooling in that particular institution. The parties, the fun, the happy classes, smiling faces of your coursemates, the beautiful nature you see all around in school. Just see the good side and you will realize that you miss that environment.

8. Aim higher

Look at your CGPA. Are you happy with it? Whatever your answer may be, aim higher. Make that resolution to be better when school resumes. Do make resolutions alone, start working towards it.

Staying away from school for too long will always come with that bad side of losing interest in schooling but you can always awake that side of you. Stay safe, happy and positive. Sending love and light your way as you scale through this.