This weekend was a celebratory one all over the world, especially for Christians, it’s sad that the opposite happened over the Easter weekend in Sweden.

The riot occurred in Linköping and Norrköping on Friday and spread to the city of Malmö on Saturday and continued through Sunday.

The clash was between the angry anti-Muslim rally protesters and the police, the protesters attacked the police following the burning of the Quran by an Anti-Muslim group called the Danish far right Stram Kurs(Hard line) party led by Rasmus Paludan.

In the city of Norrköping, three people were shot and required medical attention but their injuries weren’t life-threatening, and they were said to be arrested on suspicion of a crime.

More than 40 people were arrested after the riot.

Paludan, following his demonstration, posted a picture of himself with a burning Quran on Social Media and declared his intentions of burning the Quran again.

The Quran is held in high regard by the Muslims and any intentional disrespect or damage towards it is considered offensive.

Arab Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt made statements concerning the issue. Paludan’s act was considered provocative against Muslims and it contradicts all religious values and principles, human rights principles, and basic freedoms, fuels feelings of hatred and violence and threatens peaceful coexistence.

The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, condemned the violence while the police confirmed that the situation in Norrköping had calmed by Sunday evening.