Private hostels

Highly Ranked Private Hostels At Unilorin

The University of Ilorin, one of the top and most sought Institutions in the, has thousands of students applying to the institution every academic year from every zone of the country.

However, all these students, especially non-indigenes would need a place to stay or go back to after the whole stressful day in school. And especially if you don’t want to get into the hassle of fighting for transport, to and fro school. If you don’t want to worry about missing lectures too, then staying on campus is the right choice for you.

There are choices, as some would look out for bed spaces outside the campus, and some would choose to stay inside the campus.

And inside the campus, you’d have two more options. You can either opt out of the school hostels run and managed by the institution or the private hostels owned by individuals.

Well then, if you are a returning student wanting to change your hostel or you are starting to consider living on campus for lenient accessibility or as a freshman.

While some might not want to stay in the school hostels because of limited bed space or privacy notwithstanding the cheap price tags, many would prefer to go for the private hostels, not for the cost but the cool amenities available for occupants of the individual hostels. 

Ladies and gents, here are top-ranked private hostels for thorough navigation:

1. Atlantic Heights

The Atlantic height is one of the many girls’ private hostels in the university, it has everything. The hostel compound is vast and is environmental friendly, it has facilities aside from the basic ones; providing a comfortable and less stressful living, there’s:

  • a washing machine for easy laundry
  • Wifi for constant internet connection in the hostel at the convenience
  • Library for serene learning environ

Also, if you like to get active, there are:

  • Basketball and volleyball court
  • A gym

Who would not want to be around those cool facilities, huh?

You can also have a friend visit while welcoming them to a metal bench outside the gated yard. At night, the bench bling in fluorescent and neon lights.

The price tags range from #115k-135k 

Worth the price? Yes!

2. Queens hostel

This hostel is where you would find the cool babes on campus reside, as presumed. It is also one of the most sought-after private hostels on campus. The compound here is also vast and it has

  • Free wifi
  • And library

Ain’t nothing like having a place to study and a free internet connection in your hostel.

The price tag at most is #135k according to the room of preference.

3. Gulf pearl apartment

This girls hostel will give the apartment vibe, that after class you can only feel you have an apartment in an estate!

It has an evergreen lawn with palm trees lined up in rows

The price ranges from #95k-115k

4. Sanusi hostel

This is for the boys! The private hostel has rooms of 4 and 2, well most private hostels have room choices. 

Sanusi hostel has wifi too!

The price tag ranges from # 112k- 132k at least, just know that the lesser the occupants staple for a room the higher the price.

5. Pyramid hostel

The boy’s hostel too, the rooms here are not just two choices, but three. There’s a room of 6 with a price tag of #100k, a room of 4 with the #110k, and a room of 2 is #135k.

Here’s another privilege aside from all the room choices; wifi 

Since the students love wifi too, this hostel ranked.

6. Arafims hostel

This boy’s hostel, from the instant sight, will give you the perfect feeling of peace. To me, it always appears serene. It has a cool walkway with succulent lawn and chairs to enjoy the fresh atmosphere, and beautiful lights to fascinate you at night.

The price range here is #110k-135k at most.

7. Zapel hostel

Also one of the boy’s Hostels is as simple as it looks. The compound looks vast enough and it always gives me this summer apartment vibe. 24/7 water and constant electricity, which is common in other private hostels.

There’s wifi here too, a cool place to study

The price range is #112k and prone to an increment.

8. Kikelomo

Don’t let the hostel name fool you, it is not for the ladies. This is where you are going to find pretty cool guys and a couple of engine boys reside. A nice backyard they have there.

The price range is #105k

9. Rubiks

This is one of the girl’s hostels that has the perfect view of nice palm ornamental trees. It has a room of two, three and four. It has a price range of #90k-180k. 

10. Ibidun hostel

One of the girls’ hostels is best appealing to the eye. In my view, few students that live here are pretty good small-scale entrepreneurs. 

The price for rooms ranges from #110k

11. El-Mubarak

Don’t trust the name, it’s not for the boys! 

The girls’ hostel, has a room of four and two. The price range is #85k-115k 

Most importantly,  Wifi was recently installed there making it one of the cheapest sought girls’ private hostels on campus. 

There are more private hostels, but those are highly ranked.

What’s your choice?