Earth Day 2022: Costless Ways You Can Invest In Our Planet

Home is where our heart is, Earth is our home and whatsoever activities are carried out on her, her inhabitants are utmostly affected.

Today, April 22nd 2022 is Earth Day and the theme is : invest in our planet. Earth Day is an event celebrated yearly to emphasize the importance of protecting our planet; Earth.

When the Earth is in a good state, humans live in a better physical condition. Truth is that the Earth can’t take of itself, and so that duty is left to us and it can be achieved by the little and huge things we choose to do differently.

Here are few things we can infuse in our lifestyle to make the earth breathable

1. Go organic

Eating organic foods and using organic products will encourage more organic farmers and discourage non-organic farmers. Through this, there would be fewer toxic substances released into the soil. In turn, you get healthier as you let go of harmful junk.

2. Plant trees

If you can’t plant trees, a little pot of plants in the garden you keep goes a long way in bringing balance to the climate and also purifying the air.

3. Choose renewable energy

Many mechanical engine run and fossil fuel, which when combusted releases toxic substances which depletes the ozone layer. Use clean energy like solar energy.

4. Use less plastic bags

Using reusable bags like cotton and jute bags when shopping reduces the pollution caused by plastic bags. Take that tote bag with you on your shopping spree!

5. Limit water wastage

Less wastage, less runoff in the oven which invariably leads to less pollution and in turn a better environment.

6. Switch off the light

Whenever the fluorescent bulb isn’t in use turn it off, it reduces the emission of carbon. How is your light still turned on in broad daylight?

7. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Reduce the amount of waste produced, reusing items before trashing and recycling as much as possible items lessen the amount of waste, which makes the environment more sustainable.

8. Thrift Shopping/ Okirika

This makes the clothes or items in circulation more instead of ending up in refuse dump, which prevents pollution. It also reduces the need to produce new items.

9. Be a Volunteer

Getting involved in activities that improve and protect the environment and teaching about conserving the earth makes it possible to achieve.

10. Walk more

Most vehicles run on fossil fuels, so walking more will not only make you burn calories but also make the earth greener.

To save yourself, save Planet EARTH and to do that you have to be intentional. It starts with you acting and sensitising others as you take action.