10 Departments In UI And What They Are Known For

The University Of Ibadan is home to various faculties. These faculties also have departments that focus on catering to the specific academic needs of various students. Some of these departments include: 

1. Arts And Social Sciences Education

This department is the largest in the faculty of education. It’s made up of units that include communication & language arts, political science, Arabic, Yoruba, French, English, History, Economics, Geography, Islamic studies, and Religious studies. Students from this department are called “Assesites”. They’re known for having one of the best football teams in the faculty. Their football team won the last dean’s cup. 

2. Library Archival Information Studies  

This department is also under the faculty of education. Like other departments in the faculty of education, its students mostly borrow courses from departments under the faculty of social science like political science and sociology. Larisites are known for having the president of the University’s debating team in their department. They also have beautiful girls and well-to-do boys. 

3. Communication And Language Arts

One of the popular departments in the faculty of arts, the department of communication and language arts has been able to groom eloquent speakers who host events within and outside the school environment. Its building is just opposite the main building of the faculty of arts. 

4. European Studies

As the name indicates, European studies comprise students who study languages like French and the like. The students in this department are known for their constant attempts to communicate the language they’re studying. Even though some people count this as a show-off they need to follow this technique duly so as to master the use of the language they’re studying. 

5. Political science

This department falls under the faculty of social sciences. It’s popularly known as POS. As their name indicates, political science students study various aspects of politics. Political science students at ui are known for being the center of political arguments. They always want to make use of what they’ve learned in the lecture room while talking about politics with their mate.

6. Chemistry 

The Department of Chemistry is another prominent department at the University of Ibadan. It was established in 1948 as one of the foundation Departments of the University of Ibadan. The department has 42 academic staff members, 46 non-teaching staff, and over 300 graduate students. Like some other science students, chemistry students are known for their white overall. 

7. Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics has a curriculum similar to that of the Mathematics Department, University of London. Since its creation, the department has been able to maintain an unbroken record of offering invaluable teaching to most science-based Faculties and Departments at the University of Ibadan. This department is also known for world-class research in the fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics.

8. Pharmacy 

This department believes in rendering service to its immediate environment with a national and global approach. Parts of its mission include providing comprehensive and qualitative education to pharmacists and it’s been doing well so far. At different times, academic members of the department were able to get local and international grants for research purposes. Pharmacy students are known for putting black & blue or black & white outfits.

9. Animal Science 

Animal Science is a department that falls under the faculty of agriculture. Students in the department of animal science study the psychological development of animals, including how to care for various categories of animals and the appropriate feeds for them. Most students from this department have a special likeness for pets.

10. Private & Property Law

This department belongs to the faculty of law. It’s designed to help students study the laws guiding the ownership of properties. I learned from a bonafide law student that each of them takes courses under all the departments so students of law belong to all departments under law. Generally, law students are known for their black and white outfits.