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Best Wifi Spot On Unilorin Campus

Unilorin_cloud, the better by far domain name for that ever connectable internet that needs no password, but a best spot to enjoy.

The management of the University of Ilorin provided its students and staff with free Internet coverage, the wifi commonly known as Unilorin_cloud is installed in academic areas and specific spots on campus.

Most of the lecture halls have wifi installed in them, and as a result, students find it an excuse to go to or stay after class. Students loitered around lecture theaters during another lecture to enjoy better use of the free broadband network. However, this creates traffic in the network with the web of students connected to the wifi.

Here are the best wifi spots on the campus with less traffic:

1. Auditorium

The school auditorium is usually one of the best spots to use wifi, it experiences no traffic since there is less activity. Though you cannot just go in and out of the school auditorium, whenever there’s an orientation or inauguration and students are invited, do make sure you visit. If nothing else, you won’t wanna miss a quick download of that cool series you’ve been dying to watch.

2. E-Library

Inside the university library, there’s E-library that has the favourite Unilorin_Cloud. Students use the to go study to use wifi in the library, which of course it’s all for the students benefit. We students just have our own personal use of the free internet.

3. CBT Pavillion 

Except during exams, the canopy shade of the CBT pavilion harbors a few students that mostly go for tutorials around the vicinity. And because of lesser activity, the wifi there is having no traffic and therefore, a cool spot to enjoy the wifi.


The Computer Service and Information Technology of Unilorin are in charge of the deployment, design, provision, and maintenance of the University Area Network. Of course, Unilorin_cloud is managed from there at most, and around its premises, you’d see most students hanging around to get connected. 


The social science lecture theatre, located in the Faculty of Social Science is known for its speedy wifi. Other students from the nearest faculty do go there for an uninterrupted internet connection. Don’t be surprised when the lecturers meant to use the theatre start patrolling to dissolve the scanty distribution of students not meant for class at that particular time.

6. ELT

The Engineering Lecture Theatre, the wifi here too is super with less traffic too. Because the lecture hall is usually used by Engineering students so the traffic here is usually less. Even when outside, the wifi is still working none stop until you’ve walked meters away from the hall. So a couple of students do go there because it’s one of the best.

7. The Faculty of Law

The law students have wifi to themselves too, while they enjoy this during the day other students enjoy the wifi during the night. Students would go from their hostels to the faculty to use the bytes of Unilorin_cloud, usually with an excuse stating they are going for night class. Do you believe that?

8. The Faculty of Education

Education students also have the privileged to enjoy the famous Unilorin_cloud, the main building has its wifi at full speed. Even though the faculty holds the most population of students in the institution.


Education lecture theatre, most accessible to the student in the faculty of education is another wifi spot. So after your lectures, don’t be surprised to see students perched on their seats.

10. SLT

Funny how the Science lecture theatre is nearer to the above lecture theatre and even COMSIT, it is the hall mostly used by students of the Faculty of physical science. When students are not so webbed around here, it’s the best spot to enjoy oy internet connection. The wifi here hardly experiences any traffic.

11. Student Affairs

Another free wifi here, it is really fast too.

The only time there’s traffic here is during the night. This is because two Lagos school hostels, for both males and females, are situated quite close to the student affairs. During the night, most students would pick their seats on the bench and high tables placed under the big trees that forested the place. What is using Unilorin_cloud without the cool breeze, eh?

Well, don’t have the impression that those spots are the ones you can find. You have to be in Unilorin to explore and find out more spots for the free broadband. More spots are still left unmentioned, but those are of the best or at least the most popular on campus.

Don’t just read, have a movie time in your reading schedule. Just saying, you might want to relax as unilorin stress can give you a creak in the neck!

Choose your favourite wifi spot, sit back and use the Unilorin_cloud for your preferred fun choices.

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