It is evident that the University of Ibadan is the first and best university in Nigeria and I am certain that as a fresher, you are glad to be a uite too. You must have heard people in 200 level, 300 level and even finalists say ‘UI no be beans’ and ‘UI dey shock oh’. Most students wish they had known some things during their first year.

Being in a different environment involves adaptation; it involves being fully aware of the dos and don’ts. As a UI fresher, there are some mistakes you must avoid so as not to regret them afterwards. This article covers the mistakes you should avoid as a UI fresher.

1. Fear Tsunami

Do not attend all social events at the expense of your academics or tsunami will carry you. One way to survive in UI and excel in one’s academics is to prioritize. As a fresher, the bliss and freedom felt due to being in a new environment can make you so giddy but it is necessary to know your priority which is excellence in academics. There is nothing bad in attending social events but prioritising! Put a limit to attending social events. Don’t let your academics suffer while you work on improving your social life.

2. Be careful with your course registration

Don’t register for a course without making enquiries from those who have done it first. Besides general courses and compulsory courses, you are to borrow courses from other departments. If you have an interest in a course, enquire about such course first. Communicate with students in 200l, 300l and enquire about that course from them before registering for your course. However, as a UI fresher, you are expected to talk to your course adviser who will guide you.

3. Agbowo is not for the weak

Do not live in Agbowo if you are the fearful type. If you love privacy and you don’t like living on campus, look for a secure place to rent. Make security a priority. However, don’t try to secure accommodation in Agbowo if you get scared easily. Many robbery cases have been reported in Agbowo and other places. Agbowo is not a place for the weak oh! Do not settle for a place that is not secure when you look for accommodation.

4. Never do TDB or MTN due to peer influence

Everyone has a reading habit. A reading habit that works for your friend might not work for you and you have to understand this. The acronym TDB means ‘Reading till daybreak” while the acronym MTN symbolizes “morning till night”. These acronyms are popularly used by UI students. Do not be a copycat. Find a reading habit you are comfortable with and stick to it. If you cannot read at night, do not join others to do TDB. Stick to a reading habit you find preferable and best for you.

5. Be ready for “war” if you live at Ajibode

If you live off-campus and you live in Ajibode, don’t leave home 30 minutes before a lecture or exam. Leave home an hour before lecture/exam.

 I have once lived in Ajibode and I have had so many experiences. If you do not live on campus and you secure accommodation in Ajibode; get ready for war. War? Yes, war. Ajibode is a student area also but it is also populated by residents who like students, have to leave their homes early to make ends meet. If you live in Ajibode and you are on your way to school, get ready to see a lot of drama. Boarding a bus or Keke maruwa to school is cheaper because you have to pay 50 naira or 100 naira. A bus is better since the driver will drive you into the campus by passing the back gate rather than taking a long turn to drop you at the front of the school’s first gate. However, you have to be rugged if you want to board a bus in Ajibode because there won’t be many buses and the queue will be too long. One way to avoid the drama that will disrupt your plan for the day is to go out early before a lecture. If your lecture is by 8, set out an hour before 8. Don’t say I did not tell you.

6. Runaway from examination malpractice

Do not think of cheating in any exam by bringing in notes or a paper sheet; UI is not your secondary school.

 UI is not your secondary school. During an examination, the lecturers are always on the lookout for anyone who would dare act unruly or bash the rules. Never think of cheating in any exam or you will have to face the Student Disciplinary Committee (SDC). Do TDB, Do MTN. Make sure you read well before an exam so you won’t need the help of any student. Bringing in a sheet of paper or speaking to your friend in the examination hall can make you lose your admission.

7. Make yourself teachable

Never act like an ITK (genius) because if you do, UI will humble you. In UI, you have to make yourself teachable. Never assume that you know everything. UI dey shock oh! Move with your classmates and brainstorm. Humble yourself so the book of life will not humble you at the end.

NB: The book of life (BOL) is the popular name given, by the students, to the file that contains every student’s CGPA at the end of each session. It is released at the end of the academic session.

8. No follow dem use SDC play 

Some students can go to private universities if UI send them out and these students might act unruly and become non-challant because they have the means. If you know you do not have enough to travel out to read a course or go to a private university, don’t follow them to catch cruise in school oh. The lecturers and other officials are on the lookout for unruly students. Do not engage in anything that will make you face the student disciplinary committee.