The iPhone has tremendously risen to become the world’s most powerful personal device. There’s nowhere you go in Nigeria and the world in general that you wouldn’t meet an iPhone user. The Apple brand has definitely earned enormous popularity that people could go miles just to get one.

The iPhone has variants with diverse builds and designs to suit the demand and tastes of the consumers. The variants possess awesome specifications that help the brand stay at the top of all other devices and other phone brands.

In FUOYE, iPhone is also one of the trending devices used among students and various personalities. However, this article will be featuring the top five most-used iPhones in this university.

  I bet you wouldn’t expect the results, read along with me and find out.

5. iPhone XR

Without a doubt, this variant of the Apple iPhone is very common among students in FUOYE. The device has a unique build, and decent design and is very good for one-hand use.

Students love portable devices that are good for everyday use and the iPhone XR doesn’t fail at that aspect. With the A12 Bionic chipset and a well-optimized camera, this device qualifies as a top choice.

4. iPhone 8 Plus

Next to the iPhone XR comes the iPhone 8 Plus. For a lower price, this phone offers you a larger 5.5-inch screen, massive battery and dual cameras.

The reason most people get it isn’t because of the price but its durability. Most students in FUOYE before the XR age had the iPhone 8 plus which is no doubt the best during its time. The device still offers one of the seamless iPhone experiences and I would recommend it anytime.

3. iPhone X

This device was announced on September 12, 2017. It is a good device, decent enough for everyday use but certainly not the first choice for heavy users. This variant is found in the possession of a decent number of FUOYE students.

This might be due to its beautiful OLED display, sharp portrait shots and an IP67 Rating for great water resistance. Who wouldn’t want to see his/her device radiate the beautiful colours while watching content? This must be why this device is found on some amount of FUOYE students.

2. iPhone 11 pro

This device is one of the best iPhones ever made, the build quality and design are just awesome. The phone attracts a lot of attention from students and FUOYE’s students aren’t exempted.

Starting from the high resolution, fast performance, powerful A13 processor, excellent battery life and lots more. This device is certainly a top choice for everyone. The pricing isn’t favourable for most students, so, lesser FUOYE students own this powerful device.

1. iPhone 12 pro

Surprisingly, this super-powerful device is owned by a considerable number of students in the school. The device is slightly bigger than the 11 pro by 0.3 inches but it isn’t considered that much of an upgrade from the previous 11 pros.

The closest assumption to why students in the school got this device should be the 5g network implemented. Since there is no 5g in Nigeria, an upgrade from the 11 pro isn’t necessary but a good idea for those capable.


These are the top 5 most used iPhones in FUOYE. Did I miss anything?
Let’s hear out your thoughts in the comment section.