List Of School Hostels In Unilorin

The University of Ilorin provided hostels for its students, aside from the private individuals that independently own theirs. The school hostess is run and managed by the school management, set the rules, and payment methods.

Balloting for bed spaces in the school is not new, it’s a process whereby new and returning students are required to go to the school portal and make reservations Online.

It is allocated according to the bed space available for each department, therefore a limited offer.

The process is usually timed, so the majority of students stay glued to their portals to get a bed space within a short time range. After which the payment must be made within 72hrs for the effective preservation of the bed space, the price for these hostels ranges from 28k-30k.

Unlike the private-owned hostels, the hostel bed space for each student is reserved for only an academic year. In other words, there’s no retaining of previous rooms as only freshers are given more privilege to book bed spaces each academic session. Returning students have lesser opportunities. 

The hostels use a village system and have rooms of 2,4,6 and 8. There is only one male hostel in all of the villages while the rest are for the females. 

The rooms in the hostel are tiled with bookshelves and wardrobes, mattresses, and pillows. Bathroom and toilet and kitchenettes.

Here are the lists of the villages 

Village I

This is also called the Lagos hostel, it’s a male hostel, the only one. Here have very cool big trees outside and tables and bench chairs to chill, it’s near to the students’ affairs which is one of the many spots for wifi. Many students do gather here to use the free internet and hang out.

Village II

Another Lagos hostel, but for the females. It’s near and slightly opposite to the male Lagos hostel or village I and the girls here do come out to hang out or use wifi. It is as near to the students’ affairs and wifi spot.

Village III

The Abuja hostel, it’s also a female hostel. It is said to have five compounds, and a parking space. The hostel is not far from the popular restaurant in school, ITEM7, and the Student Union Building. It is said to be the best of all girl’s hostels in terms of rooms and conduciveness. Some do say it’s secluded in its location and usually quiet.

Village IV

Zamfara girls hostel, it’s in the same compartment as a private hostel for girls, Bethany. It has six compounds itself. The hostel is near to the school market, bukateria and the school park.

Village V

Trunil hostel, this girls’ hostel is mostly where you would find college health students in the school. The hostel is near the faculty of CIS and wifi spot on the campus. Trunil has its additional features, the rooms are self-contained each having its kitchenette and bathroom, and toilet so there’s less traffic in using the amenities.

All those above are main or general school hostels on campus.

Here’s one for the postgraduates students!


The hostel is installed with an air conditioner, Plasma TV, and cooker. The rooms are self-contained and provided each with a kitchenette, bathroom, and toilets. 

There are choices to be a single occupant of a room, in which the price for the bed space is 170k, Or double occupants with a price, of 85k per bed space. 

The accommodation is available to undergraduates, but postgraduates are given more privileges. And the bed space is limited in this case too.

Other hostels include the ones by the cooperative society of the school.


The girls’ hostel is located opposite Trunil hostel, the rooms are self-contained with a bathroom, toilet, and kitchenette each. They are also provided with bookshelves, reading tables and lamps, and two chairs as the number of occupants in each room are two. 

This hostel has a mini-market alongside the common room.

Allocation is done directly by the society officer, first come first serve! The price for each room ranges from 75k.

There is a hostel provided for staff working there too;

The Unilorin Pace-setters Staff Multipurpose Hall Cooperative Society Hostel

The rooms and the common room here are well furnished. Each room has a wardrobe, reading table, lamps, a kitchenette, toilet, and bathroom.

Two occupants per room and the price per bed space is 90k

They are provided with good security too!

So, if you are the type that would love to stay on campus with more affordability those lists should give you a go-ahead. 

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