[TDB/MTN ] UIets Reading Culture – How UI students Read

As a University of Ibadan student, you can’t avoid reading. Some go with MTN while a lot of students prefer TDB. I know you are all familiar with reading at night but in UI, it’s a different thing. Not your regular night class.\

There are just two techniques used by UI students, they are: 

• Reading at night which we fondly call “Till Day Break”(TDB)
• Reading during the day, “Morning Till Night”(MTN)

  • Let’s talk about TDB “Till Day Break”

Every student in my school has done TDB on one or two occasions. Let me break it down now. What we actually call TDB in my school is going to the libraries, lecture theatres, and other places available for students to read. Some students like reading in groups, while we have other students that read alone. All this is done from 10 pm till the next day, you get now, “till day break”! Though you can take a break for some hours so that you won’t crash, and avoid stories that touch especially if you are having an exam the next day.

You know the most interesting thing about TDB, is a lot of students will be there, if you are not familiar with it, you will be like “waz going on”, or “judgment day is here ni”. This used to happen when the exams are fast approaching. You see people in all the libraries, especially the popular Kenneth Dike Library(KDL). KDL is always full at these hours. If you going to be doing TDB at KDL, you have to be there before 7 pm! 

Kenneth Dike Library(KDL). KDL
  • Now, let’s talk MTN, but not your regular network provider….lol.

“Morning till night” is a popular line used by Uites, you can decide to read your books in broad daylight. Just like the TDB, you can use anywhere available for students to read, it can be the libraries, empty lecture theatres, or maybe gardens. What’s really important is, you are reading.

Either way, the most important thing to do as a student is to read, read and read. Yeah! That’s what makes us a “students”, right? To maintain that name, we just have to read, even though we might not genuinely like it.

This type of technique is kind of boring, unlike TDB. MTN is just like reading in the comfort of your room/apartment during the day. KDL is also available for students using this technique. But the kind of energy that TDB comes with will give you that “morale” and “ginger” to read. 

The hustle and bustle of the school activities make the MTN technique boring!  

As a UI student Whichever one you are going for is very ok, just make sure you are sha reading. Cos UI no send anybody, and that’s the fact only. 
If you like knock down when you are doing too much of TDB, dem go carry your paper come to meet you inside the hospital (Jaja).

At some point, “reading oppression” might get to you, and you will be like “Am I reading like this?”, especially when you see other students going for TDB and you are the type that prefers MTN.

Trust me, you are doing well, whichever way it is, everybody go dey alright. For students that read smartly, success is theirs, and that’s just it. I hope you get it.

Let’s talk about you now, yes! You reading this….
As a student, which technique do you use and like? Let’s have your response in the comments section