Women, they say, are the salt of life. The sight of them gives this chill and inner peace. Especially when they are beautiful, the artistry in the shape of their eyes, down to the structure of their body and faces. OMG! Words are not coming! Their presence on earth can’t be overlooked or ignored.

Just like how University of Ibadan is unarguably the first and the best in Nigeria, same as their women. They are the best in beauty!

A premier University that has premium, classy and well informed ladies. Is that even their fault. The problem be say they are all rounder!

Trybe looked around, checked, and came out with departments that seems to have higher figure of beautiful ladies

Here, we will be taking you on a beautiful ride of the “king of Queens” from one department to the other in no particular order.


1. Theatre Art

Apart from this department being the most hardworking department in the school, Theatre Art is blessed with the most beautiful women. Forget!
Pass through their theatre and see “Art of Women” art its peak. When Shakespeare said “Shall I compare thee to a Summer Day”, He was referring to the ladies in Theatre Art.
They are beautiful abeg! They are not just beautiful oo, they are embodiment of entertainment, in fact they are entertainment.
If I’m not mistaken, they have the highest number of female in the faculty of Art.

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2. Archaeology and Anthropology

Talk about the boy’s quarter department, talk about Arch and Ant. They might be at the backyard oo but we can’t deny the fact that their ladies are beautiful, from their science ladies down to their Art ladies. You must shout “Omo!” when you see these women. How to recognize them is not even hard, make I give you hint? Very simple! By their beauty, you shall know them.

3. ASSE (Art and Social Science Education)

You sef look at the name, are you not supposed to be wowed! Iykyk oo. I no go talk pass that one.
A department that pack 3 faculties names as their own name. Now imagine what their ladies will look like. These women are not just beautiful oo, they are ladies with class, their dress sense is top notch and classy. You want to chill with the big girls? ASSE got you

4. LAW

You might have seen a lot of women but nobody fine pass this set of women
Their reflection from a distance will lit your day. Not just that, the sight of them gives an assurance of a good day.
You see them in their glorious white and black, walking majestically! You will think they have a court case. They are always prepared.
With this women around, beauty is in the air, you better don’t use nosemask around them. Breathe in greatness, it’s contains vitamin B!

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5. LARIS (Library, Archival, Research & Information Science)

Faculty of Education has women but they own most beautiful women on campus.

LARIS is another department in education that house most beautiful women on campus. 

6. Aquaculture And Fisheries Management

Faculty of Renewable Natural Resources has beautiful women and it seems “Aquaculture And Fisheries Management” gather the most of them….lol

7. Nursing

if you are always going to the central mosque, you will be seeing this women, their faculty is not very far from the mosque. This ladies are one in a million, they are decent and stylish with their dressing. I must say, they might be nurse but I bet they don’t know they are dressing to kill….lol


our young doctors, when you see them, you will be wondering if they are students because you hardly see them in any school gathering but you see these women at mosque/chapel, or you see them walking in groups, they are not very hard to identify, they are either discussing one term or the other, they seems not to have time for other things, except for their boys that I know wey be hoodlums. The easy going ladies of MBBS are beautiful, not just beautiful, they are most!

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9. Psychology

This set of ladies can’t be seen anywhere anyhow but when you see them in class or any faculty gathering. You will be high on their beauty, when I say “high”, their beauty will take you to cloud 9 and if you are not careful, you will fall in love….lol
Psychology has most beautiful ladies on campus too.

10.Wildlife and ecotourism management

The not very popular department that housed most beautiful ladies. Wildlife and ecotourism management ladies are beautiful, it’s not even an argument.

So guys! Here are some departments to find your babe. We’ve done our part in securing a babe for you this session, all you need to do is to locate your “rib” in any of these departments.


If you think we missed a department that should be on the list, inform us in the comments section

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  • [email protected], May 13, 2022 @ 1:44 pm Reply

    Firstly, I will like to appreciate your effort Trybecity and the writers. You guys are doing amazing job. I have a little things to correct in this article. It’s is faculty of RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES no and. Secondly, it’s department of Aquaculture and fisheries management not fishery.

    Please correct this. Thank you.

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