Federal University Oye Ekiti popularly known as FUOYE is no doubt excelling at academical development. Taking a look at the new policies, infrastructure and construction, FUOYE is oddly advancing in these areas.

FUOYE holds a lot of departments and surprisingly some ones that other profound universities don’t have yet. This includes Mechatronics Engineering department and the likes.

Different people from different ethnicity come to FUOYE to study. Hence, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to find the most beautiful and handsome students there. This article features the departments with the most handsome boys in FUOYE.

I bet you will be shocked, anyways come along with me.

1. Mechatronics Engineering

From keen observation, the Mechatronics boys are one of the best at looks. Although the department has not existed for a long time, it still gathers some of the good-looking boys on earth in one department.

2. Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering department contains a lot of boys and must be part of the highest numbers in the engineering faculty. Taking a look at them, they have well made boys that could make a girl’s nose bleed.

3. Agricultural and Economics Extension

This department doesn’t have a lot of boys but the little deposited there are a sight to behold. Considering its in the Agric faculty, most people won’t expect them to make the list but their boys’ looks said otherwise.

4. Food Science and Technology

This department is similar to the one above but with lesser amounts of boys. It’s just like the popular saying; ‘’Many are called, few are chosen’’. It seems the Food Science and Technology department only contains the chosen handsome boys.

5. Theatre and Media Arts

This department is located at the Oye campus. The set of boys in this department are alluring. At first sight, you would think they are models or potential models trying to enter the acting industry.

6. Business administration

The boys in this department are the big ones, classy ones. The few I’ve seen are well dressed; business inclined. It almost like the department is grooming handsome men that would run large companies.

7. Computer Science

Without a doubt, this department is worth mentioning. Taking a glance at one of the most handsome guys in the department could make a girl forget she is breathing.

Exempting just the facial looks, the guys here are not too far from perfect ranging from the dressing to the mindset. They are a breed of cultured men.

8. Physics

Even though it’s a science department, not mentioning them would be a sin on my part. The boys in this department have the classic looks just like the man ‘Cary Grant’. They take the crown of the most handsome in science without competition.

9. Banking and finance

It’s general knowledge that a banker dress corporately and neatly. This department does nothing different. The set of potential male bankers in the department are well built, neat and composed. They are like the ideal men for every woman.

10. Political Science

Coming to our next world leaders, this department holds capable men and the most handsome boys in the school. If you’re a FUOYITE, you must have seen fliers of political science student running for a post. They are just built different and have an amazing presence.

This is just an opinion, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section.