I’ve Seen “Blood Sisters” And I Noticed What You Didn’t (A Review Without Spoilers)

You’ve got to be living under a rock if you haven’t at least heard of the latest release from Ebonylife films that has got every Nigerian talking and excited, to say the least. On May 5, 2022, in partnership with Netflix, the first Nigerian series, titled Blood Sisters, was released.

The series featured A-list actors such as Ini Dima-Okojie, Nancy Isime, Ramsey Nouah, Kate Henshaw, Gabriel Afolayan, Uche Jombo, Kehinde Bankole, Daniel Etim Effiong, Wale Ojo and Deyemi Okanlawon. Whether it was because of the beloved faces of their favourite actors, or the fact that it is the first of its kind, Nigerians trooped to Netflix to binge watch the show right from the first day of its release. If you haven’t seen it, I’m here for you. And I promise not to give you spoilers.

Blood Sisters is a story of two ladies who have been friends pretty much all their lives, Sarah (Ini Dima-Okojie) and Kemi (Nancy Isime). Their history and loyalty to each other lands them in big trouble when Kemi murders Sarah’s fiance, Kola, at their engagement party before he can manage to strangle her best friend, Sarah, to death. Coupled with the fact that Kola was such a nasty human being and had amassed a great number of enemies over the years, not excluding his own elder brother who hired an assassin to kill him at the same engagement party, Kola’s murder becomes a mystery when his body is found days after.

Sarah and Kemi

Sarah and Kemi become fugitives and a couple of episodes and more bad choices after, I personally am beginning to wonder why they didn’t just come clean the moment Kemi fired that gun at Kola– after all, it was self defense, never mind that Kola’s family is quite wealthy and influential and would still make them suffer no matter how explainable the situation was. Oh. Maybe they made the best decision after all.
Since its release, many Nigerians have since taken to the streets of Twitter to give their opinions on this movie which has undoubtedly proven to be a blockbuster. And there truly are many things to commend: the cast, their delivery, the costume, the cinematography, amongst other things. And while there were many things to love about the movie, there were a few things that were unexpectedly present and did not do it for me.

First off, for a movie that started out so well with the suspense and everything, the end was so anticlimactic. The fourth and final episode felt rushed, which was annoying considering that they had added scenes and details that were not absolutely necessary in previous episodes.

And then there was the lack of originality in many details. How do you explain leaving voicemails on people’s cells? Do we really use that in Nigeria? And then that crime scene when Kola’s body was discovered, that was the most cringe for me. Like, no. The tapes and sirens, I’ve never been at a crime scene (obviously) but I figure that is not how it’s done in this country. I don’t think any government official even knows these things should be done that way to prevent cases of tampering with evidence. Anyway, these folks went Hollywood on us, which I admire, but still… It wasn’t genuine. You want to make the movie as real as possible, and except Nigeria switched things up and I missed it… well, I definitely missed it.
And then we have other cases such as: the assassin who couldn’t have been more obvious and sucked more badly at his job. Even a child who wants to steal a snack is more discreet than that, come on. Then Uduak’s (Kola’s mother) exaggerated costumes. Ugh. In this Nigeria?? Please. She was legit giving us Cersei Lannister vibes though. Kate Henshaw delivered well on that character. And finally, we have the sprinkle of characters we could have absolutely done without, their ringleader being Uncle B.

Uncle B

Overall, it was a good movie. I enjoyed it. I think it would have done well as an hour, 30 minutes movie or 2 hour movie at most. It lasted on too long and there wasn’t any serious plot twist introduced later on to keep us engaged. But hey, we got 4 episodes regardless. If we’re lucky, we’ll probably get more in another season cause that ending no too clear. I’m not telling you; go and watch it.


Undoubtedly, you’ve got to give the entire team their flowers and money too. They definitely did something new and unique in the history of Nollywood and did a good job while at it.