NAUS Announces Shutdown Of South-West Major Roads (Mother Of All Protests To Hold)

Amidst the ASUU 12-weeks additional strike, many federal university students have been coming out en-masse to express their grief on the long unending strike through protest.

It came to our notice this week that the “Mother of all Protests” is about to come up.

The President of National Association of University Students (NAUS, South West Chapter) uploaded on his WhatsApp status in the late hours of Sunday, 15th day of May, 2022

He said “if you are in Southwest and you are traveling interstate tomorrow, leave before 7am”

He said this due to the so called “mother of all protest” happening tomorrow

The protest will have students of the Federal Universities in South West on board.

Every conscious Federal University Students are expected to join the protest and if you’re traveling, don’t hesitate to leave as Ibadan is the major link to South West and that is where the Mother of all Protests is holding.