How To Know A Unilorin Student Is In Love

Young love roaming in Unilorin is the sight that is so hard to miss. While you might not see much during the day, wait till the stars twinkle in the cloudless sky at night. That is when you’ll see dark silhouettes standing in twos, dispersedly and especially at specific locations and love lanes on the campus. 

When a Unilorin student picks up a new habit and lifestyle during the hour the moon peeked behind the shades of the black sky, then maybe a new couple is emerging stealthily away from the academic umbrella that seems to cover every student in Unilorin. 

What signs to know the pollen of love in the air?

This is how can you be sure to know if a unilorin student is dipping in the vase where roses of new blossoms are erected:

1. Frequent Night Outing

He or she will always have a place to go at night, it’s always mysterious but always obvious. You’ll know when they go spend the night out wearing their best clothes, looks, and scents. A date is probably the occasion, what better hour to get away from the academic hassle!

2. Regular Night Class

In a situation whereby a unilorin student with no or less active preference to study at night, especially in the class, jumps to trail the almost lonely road on campus then maybe there’s a special someone booked to study with. A blissful meeting shielded under the normalized study hour.

3. A Duo Visit To The Library

It is not wrong when a boy and a girl go to the library together, and it’s not wrong to suspect a connecting bond in their books. Nerds will stay under the pretense of wanting to study with a partner of the opposite gender, the preplanned escape from the prying eyes of their mates. That is sure a brilliant way to get closer to the dear one!

4. A Spendthrift Date to ITEM7

Now, the always aroma buzzing eatery of rice dishes on campus will always be a deletable place to bring the dear one. It wouldn’t matter the hour, but buying a plate of rice and chicken might be a swift move to show any affection in buoyancy. If you are a friend of the lucky ones, you might stand to gain from the pocket of the hooked sponsor, a plate. Yum!

5. High excitement or reserved attitude around the dove

Every falling bud has its colors, so don’t miss it if there is strangely an increase or decrease in excitement and attitude when a particular person sweeps in. What nerves can do to you when cupid shoots then an arrow, do they jump around, or do they reserve their craze around the loving dove!? Look for the shines in their eyes or the warmth In their cheeks.

6. Regular calls to that one person

The only reason why you have noticed your roomie cackling and giggling in the silent night is that the other person at the receiver end won’t stop calling. The school hours are a hindrance to their communication, if it is not lecture, it’s third parties swimming around.

8. A Visit to her hostel at night 

Hostels, especially the private ones do welcome a visit from guys to their threshold. It wouldn’t matter the numbers of them with the same intent to see their heart-pacing trigger, but girls will come and no one will count. The sight of standing silhouettes that whispers sweet nothing to the ears of passerby is worth stealing a view.

9. Meeting at the Skyway in the night 

While your friend might ask you to be an escort to the place that needs no third wheel, the popular prejudiced place that is silent, less crowded yet buzzing with couples who want their little privacy at night. The hallway away from the ground, the lane lined with oppressing sight of sneaky caresses. Skyway is that love lane!

10. Excuses to use Wifi at the SUB arena

The student union building is not the best wifi spot on the better by far campus, but going there in the bid to use wifi might follow a purpose. The arena draws onlookers to the love scenes of those that do not want to be disturbed! So Look away, people.

11. A night stroll to the ice cream truck

The ice cream truck usually parked a few walks away from ITEM7 shines in its eye-catching view of rising lovers buying ice creams and sitting down on the colorful stools at the night. A sweet physical conversation can be achieved during a night stroll to the ice cream truck! 

If you don’t want to miss the sight of the lovely corners that give out the; ” God when” utterance, live that life that won’t confine you to study only and see among your friends who are spellbound by the strong but delicate emotion, love!