Top Popular Slangs Used In Unilorin

Students have their way of communicating among themselves, their language, and how they use it. In unilorin, these languages are birthed by events and circumstances and as such become slang that is aired widely in the institution like a pollen. Some are as funny and as annoying but I guess that’s the main cause; fun!

In Unilorin, students use slang to praise fellow mates, they use it in chats, to describe or refer to their situation of the moment. 

Here are a few popular slangs used by students in unilorin:

1. Face Tanke

This slang is used for the students that do not meet up with the 1.5 CGPA crossing requirement after the first year in school. Lecturers know of the slang, that they use it as a warning to every fresher of the school must reach crossing points. Face tanke implies expulsion and since the best town after the school permanent site is Tanke, when students are moving out of school they face tanke!

It’s either you make the required GPA or Go home!

2. Staylite

This slang is the title bearer of those students that was able to scale through the required 1.5 CGPA in their first year. This set of people will be the freshmen’ mentors and a perfect example of the 1.5 survivors. They will tell you stories of their first year days, the struggles and fun, and they will enlighten you on what Face Tanke truly is.

You would want to be a staylite too!

3. Shunt Is Allowed

Queuing in unilorin, at the CBT, and especially at the Bus terminal, can be very exhausting. Students hate to stay in line for long and wait for their turn in these things, rather they jump the queue and migrate to the upper course of Mississippi If the line. If you are new to the system, you might want to raise your voice against impartiality. Don’t be surprised if they welcome them with open arms and tell you “shunting is allowed” 

4. Tanke sir

Stranded students and students that want a quick way to get to their destination do call out to any passing car on campus for a free lift. The passing cars are usually driven by a staff of the school whose destination merges tanke route at all, so long as your route is the same you might get lucky. The only way to find out is to call out Tanke sir!

5. Scholar

This slang is popular among students in unilorin, you have to beware of yourself just in case. Anything small, you have become a scholar. You do not have to be the most brilliant in school for you to get the title, if you are not as sharp you will get the memo too. Even the true scholars own no pass their cool level. 

The slang became the hyping word used by and for every student in Unilorin, everywhere you go, Scholar

6. Skyway

This is the word or slang used to describe the walkway or hallway the upstairs of every block in unilorin.

The love lane most visited and less crowded at night is known and called the skyway. Every unilorin will relate to this location on campus. It only serves its purpose at night, it is the place of prejudice where lovers meet up during the dark night. If your friend asks you to tag along to meet his or her mate, they are probably going to the skyway. Shh! No loud am.

7. Na mumu dey…

This happen to be a popular suffix for students in unilorin, during exams couple of students will use it in this way- “na mumu dey read” if you don’t hear them say it, check their WhatsApp status. Most of them are reading or already read, na so dem go dey deceive people, don’t follow them oo. Also it is also used in situation where any sort of queue is long and shunting is allowed, it is used in this way;

 ” na mumu dey queue”  don’t get it twisted, that’s how we roll.

8. No sleep for olodo

Unilorin hot exam period would not stop it’s students from hyping and having fun in their own way when they can. You might go online at night, probably to chat or check group chats that will help your ministry, take a few minutes to check your mates statuses ” no sleep for olodo” will be singing it’s way in to head through your eyes. No sleep for olodo, possibly  implies your friends are jacking hard, but the olodo part is not true. Those are the ones we should be hype a scholar. 

In Unilorin, no slang is too old. Face tanke has been the popular slang of the better by far university and has been in use for a pretty long while but it will still be ringing a brand new rhythm in your ear probably because it’s coated with fear. I doubt that slang dying anytime soon. It is always fun to join the bandwagon of hypers and cruisers, so have fun while getting introduce to the popular slangs of my “alma matter”