The University of Lagos is an institution that has gone on to produce some of the brightest minds in the country. The students of Unilag have won several international competitions across their various fields, and they have also become some of the biggest names in the country. Another thing to note about the students of UNILAG is their unique styles, they have shown that they don’t need to graduate before they become style icons and have used the walking grounds of their school as their runway. 

With each department and student comes a unique, eccentric style. In this article, we will be looking at the top 5 most fashionable faculties in UNILAG.

1. Faculty of Social Sciences

The style of the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences range from casual to extravagant. Once you arrive at the grounds of the Faculty of Social Sciences, if you don’t take note of the beauty in the simplicity of the outfits of some of the students, you would notice the well thought out details in the extreme styles of the other students.

This also extends to the Mass Communication department where you find those students who are already a part of the entertainment industry, dressing like the stars they are, and the ones who are not, dressing like the stars they dream to be. At the last dinner and awards show season of UNILAG, the Mass Communication department was one of the most talked about, due to its student attendees and all the glamorous outfits they attended their awards show in.

2. The Faculty of Law:

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This faculty is one of the most underrated when it comes to fashion. This is because its students have a mandatory uniform of black and white, which they wear at least twice a week. To underrate this faculty would be to your disadvantage, as the students have shown their colleagues that you could wear black and white every day of the week, and still slay it.

A close observation of the law students will come with the realization that they only limit their selves to a colour code and not a dress code. There is no way you would talk about fashion in UNILAG without talking about the forward fashion thinking minds of the Law students.

3. The Faculty of Engineering:

This Faculty is filled mostly with boys. One would think that this would be equal to a low fashion level in the faculty, as fashion is thought of as a girls’ thing but the Engineering boys of UNILAG have proven this observation wrong. The Faculty of Engineering is the place to get all types of Men’s style inspiration. It’s safe to say that the individual style of the Engineering boys is what brings all the girls to their yard.

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4. The Faculty of Art

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If you are looking for a Faculty with all types of styles among its students, the Faculty of Arts is the place to be. From the Alte style to the emo style of dressing, the art students of Unilag have proven that there can never be too much style in a Faculty. The boldness that the students of the Faculty of Arts have when they walk the grounds of Unilag, with their spontaneous style, without the fear of getting kicked out of classes due to their stereotyped way of dressing, is one that the other students in the school get amazed at on a daily.

It is also one that has captured the eyes of several fashion brands like the popular luxury streetwear brand founder, Yinka Ashogbon, donated 10,000 dollars to the female students of the Creative Arts department, on March 9 2021, in celebration of The Women’s month, and International Women’s Day (March 8).

5. The Faculty of Management Science:

This is not just a faculty where you can learn about Accounting and the likes, it’s also a faculty where you could adopt one or two styles for the workplace from the students. The Instagram page of the faculty @msaunilag, has a thing they do every Monday called Corporate Monday. On corporate Monday they post and celebrate some of the best corporate looks from their students.

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These looks are not just celebrated by them alone, as it’s a known fact in UNILAG that when it comes to the best work looks, the students of the Faculty of Management Science take the cake. These students have shown their fellow students in other faculties that their field might be stereotyped as one of the most boring, but their outfits don’t have to be accorded the same title.

UNILAG is a place where you will find many fashion creatives, the fact that the school has some of the Fashion influencers that you know today as its Students, stands as proof. We know that the students of UNILAG are still going to shake the fashion world at large and we can wait for it.